OpenSocial 1.1 release with OpenAjax Hub inside

Blogged by: Jon Ferraiolo on November 20, 2010 at 5:49 pm

After more than a year’s worth of collaboration between OpenSocial Foundation and various members of OpenAjax Alliance, yesterday OpenSocial Foundation announced the release of the OpenSocial 1.1 specification. One of the major new features in version 1.1 of OpenSocial Gadgets is the inclusion of OpenAjax Hub as the mechanism for inter-gadget communication.

The announcement talks about the use of OpenAjax Hub:

Version 1.1 officially support an inter-gadget eventing system based upon the OpenAjax Hub. “The OpenAjax Hub is a set of standard JavaScript functionality defined by the OpenAjax Alliance that addresses key interoperability and security issues that arise when multiple Ajax libraries and/or components are used within the same web page.” By incorporating this technology into OpenSocial, gadgets are now able to declare, as part of the module definition, events to which they are able to publish and subscribe. In addition, this specification has reserved several topic namespaces for use by OpenSocial. Please refer to the Inter-Gadget Eventing in the Core-Gadget specification for more information.

OpenAjax Hub is included in the Gadgets spec mostly via reference to the OpenAjax Hub 2.0 Specification. The Apache Shindig open source implementation (version 2.0.x) includes the OAHub source code within its distribution.

Congratulations to everyone! It isn’t often that major parts of the industry get on the same technology page.

Accessibility Working Group approved

Blogged by: Jon Ferraiolo on November 20, 2010 at 5:38 pm

The OpenAjax Alliance members and Steering Committee have formally approved the creation of a new Accessibility Working Group. The WG will be co-chaired by Richard Schwerdtfeger of IBM and Jon Gunderson of the University of Illinois.

The new Working Group will publish materials centered on ARIA compliance checking and best practices within web applications that provide rich user experiences in the browser using “Ajax techniques“. The Working Group’s charter provides details on the deliverables. The WG is already far along in completing its work because several companies have been collaborating for over a year within an OpenAjax Alliance “task force”. The committee’s home page provides links to the various work activities.

Steering Committee election: Aptana, Dojo, Eclipse, IBM

Blogged by: Jon Ferraiolo on November 20, 2010 at 5:24 pm

In late October, OpenAjax Alliance held its annual Steering Committee election. The winners were the four incumbents: Aptana, Dojo Foundation, Eclipse Foundation and IBM. Congratulation to the winners. They will all serve until October 2012.