Progress on OpenAjax Registry, call for submissions

Blogged by: Jon Ferraiolo on December 7, 2007 at 12:05 pm

The OpenAjax Registry (/member/wiki/OpenAjax_Registry) is a centralized, industry-wide Ajax toolkit and JavaScript global object registration authority managed by the Interoperability Working Group at OpenAjax Alliance.

After a few months of focused effort, the Registry is now far along. The Interoperability Working Group has defined how the Registry will be posted, how submissions are made, and how submissions are evaluated and approved.

Some of our members have submitted Registry Candidates (/member/wiki/Registry_Candidates) for their Ajax toolkits. We expect that most of the existing submissions will result in a first batch of approvals that will take place in early 2008 and result in the first formal release of the Registry. To the other Ajax toolkits, please submit your toolkit information and list of globals per the instructions on the Registry wiki page.

Congratulations to Zend on returning to the Steering Committee

Blogged by: Jon Ferraiolo on December 5, 2007 at 5:27 pm

During the week of Nov 26-30, the OpenAjax Alliance members held a special election to choose a member organization to fill an open slot within the alliance’s Steering Committee. The winner of the election was Zend, with Michael Pinette as their designated person to participate in Steering Committee meetings. Congratulations to Zend and Mike.

The Steering Committee now consists of Dojo Foundation, Eclipse Foundation, IBM, Microsoft, Nexaweb, TIBCO, and Zend.