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At October 2006 face-to-face meeting, we decided to start a task force to investigate common approaches for integrating Ajax components into server frameworks. Several companies that expressed interest in this topic. These companies were primarily interested in Java servers, particular JSF, but given the cross-platform nature of the Alliance (cross-platform includes server platforms), this task force will likely pursue approaches that accommodate multiple server technologies.

This task force will research existing approaches used within the industry, drill down into the use cases and requirements that OpenAjax Alliance might address and then recommend a course of action (if any) for the Alliance. Depending on the recommendations, this task force might: (a) develop a Proposal for a new Working Group or (b) propose new work items for an existing Working Group, which would lead to an Proposal for expanded work within an existing Working Group. In either of these cases, the Task Force would follow the procedures defined by the Alliance's Development Process.

Survey of techniques used by products today

Server TF Survey

Use cases

See Server TF/usecases


See Server TF/requirements

Relationship to other forums

This Task Force needs to do appropriate due diligence about related work being performed by other organizations. Here is an initial list of things to research:

  • What is MS/Atlas doing about 3rd party Ajax component integration?
  • Portal standards activities Portal Ajax Integration

The task force also needs to collaborate with the Security TF on any issues where communications and security overlap.

Task Force's Email list

The email list is Archives can be found at: To subscribe to this list, fill out the form at:

Chair and expected membership

Ric Smith will chair this task force. The following list is the current members in this task force:

  • Ric Smith <richard.allen.smith(at)>
  • Christophe Jolif <cjolif(at)>
  • Craig McClanahan <Craig.McClanahan(at)>
  • Greg Wilkins <gregw(at)>
  • Jon Ferraiolo <jferrai(at)>
  • Joonas Lehtinen <joonas.lehtinen(at)>
  • Malte Wedel <malte.wedel(at)>
  • Shel Finkelstein <shel.finkelstein(at)>
  • Ted Thibodeau <tthibodeau(at)>
  • Ted Goddard <ted.goddard(at)>
  • Rick Evans <Rick.Evans(at)Sun.COM>
  • Frank Nimphius <frank.nimphius(at)>
  • Ken Tam <kentam(at)>
  • Stas Malyshev <stas(at)>
  • Joshua Gertzen <jgertzen(at)>

Task Force Schedule

  • Next Meeting
    • 28 February 2007, 10am US-PT, 1p US-ET, 7pm Paris
    • Toll Free: 1-877-422-0052
    • Toll: 1-314-655-1417
    • Participant Pin access code: 142380
    • IRC channel:, #oaa-interop
  • Agenda
    • Discuss attendance and agenda for Face-to-Face
    • Review and formalize thoughts presented in past two regarding server side hub and push standards
    • Handle any outstanding business
    • Wrap up

Conference Call Minutes

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