Server TF Minutes 2006-11-15

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  • Chris Schalk <>
  • Christophe Jolif <>
  • Greg Wilkins <>
  • Jon Ferraiolo <>
  • Joonas Lehtinen <>
  • Shel Finkelstein <>
  • Ted Goddard <>
  • Rick Evans <Rick.Evans@Sun.COM>

Original Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Task force process
    • How to communicate, and frequency
    • Plan forward:
      • What are the problems we are trying to solve?
      • Use cases and requirements
      • Technical architecture
      • Recommendations to the Working Group
  • Any Other Business
  • Wrap up


Held initial kick off meeting. All agree that we need to be clear on main goal of TF.

Agreed on bi-weekly meetings to start out.

All agree that we should strive for for a relatively common with different frameworks?

Jon: Problem is n by M problem with different frameworks - dont'w want m x n solutions!

Would like a common approach or say wrapper - then ajax component only have to implement wrapper layer to implement this approach.


1. Need to learn from current experience discussion:

A good way is to offer some case examples for edification to help spur on discussion.

We will edit the Wiki with info on what is done in industry/book/OS projects in this area.

Action Item (AI):

  • Chris (Oracle), Christophe (Ilog)
  • Ted Goddard (..) ,Jonas (itmill) will each contribute to Wiki page on past experience. This will be done by next meeting.

2. Determine what other standards organizations are doing? What JCP is doing?

  • What is JSF 1.1 doing for AJAX
  • Portal? ping them... 301 (Ted Goddard)

AI: Add another wiki cover this discussion

AI: TEd will writeup on AJAX JSF integration with Portal JSR