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What is the "Development Process"?

The OpenAjax Alliance's Development Process describes how the Membership, the Steering Committee and other stakeholders lead, influence, and collaborate to establish Working Groups and how Working Groups develop Materials, such as Specifications. The Development Process supplements the OpenAjax Alliance Members Agreement by providing important details about process and operations.


NOTE: This wiki page used to hold early versions of the OpenAjax Alliance's Development Process, but in January 2007 the Alliance completed its work on defining the first version of its Development Process, with the Members recommending approval and Steering Committee voting its approval. To eliminate confusion, the content that had been on this wiki page has been removed. Now this wiki page just includes pointers to the various versions of the Development Process.

Currently approved version: Jan. 24, 2007

The approved and official Development Process is now captured as a PDF and posted at:

Updated version (in process)

The following wiki page contains an updated version of the Development Process that is under development:

The above document addresses 2 key issues:

    • Increase the number of days for working group proposal review from 5 days to 10 days
    • Add definition of "Working Group Members in Good Standing", along with implications on voting procedures within a Working Group (i.e., whenever there is a need for a formal vote within a Working Group, the Chair can decide that votes from Members in Good Standing carry more weight than other members)