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This is the index page to other wiki pages used by OpenAjax Alliance to propose and collaborate on candidate Best Practices. Candidate Best Practices will be reviewed within the Interoperability committee(/WG), where decisions will be made about approving the candidate items as official OpenAjax Best Practices.

Approved OpenAjax Best Practices will be developed as Specifications that are written, discussed, and reviewed carefully within its Working Groups. As Specifications, the Best Practices documents will be subject to the OpenAjax Alliance Development Process, which includes formal vote and review by the Membership and approval by the Steering Committee.

The Best Practices documents will contain two types of best practice items:

  • Conformance Requirement, where the given item represents a requirement on Ajax software. If a given Conformance Requirement is relevant to a given Ajax software product or technology, then that Ajax software must support the given Conformance Requirement in order to claim OpenAjax Conformance. It is expected that few of the Best Practices will be Conformance Requirements, and instead the majority will be Suggested Best Practices.
  • Suggested Best Practice, where the given item defines what OpenAjax Alliance believes is recommended behavior in the majority of circumstances. These items represent general recommendations to the industry, but Ajax software is not required to support any of the Suggested Best Practices in order to claim OpenAjax Conformance.

The following are the wiki pages which collect candidate Ajax best practices, on a per-topic basis:

Note: As the Best Practices are developed, it is possible that Conformance Requirements will be defined to have multiple levels, perhaps with a basic level and advanced level(s).

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