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(Placeholder wiki page. Only a little content so far.)

This wiki page is meant for gathering a list of candidate Ajax best practices. This page is one of a series of wiki pages that collect candidate Ajax best practices broken down as follows:

  • Best Practices Applications - Best practices for Ajax applications (i.e., the software developed by the Ajax application developer, who is likely to build his application using an Ajax toolkit)
  • Best Practices Browsers - Best practices for Web browsers so that they support Ajax and OpenAjax in an optimal manner
  • Best Practices IDEs - Best practices for IDEs that support Ajax developments
  • Best Practices Libraries - Best practices for Ajax JavaScript runtime libraries
  • Best Practices Servers - Best practices for server frameworks that produce Ajax-powered user interfaces

Approved Best Practices

Note: the official list of approved best practices probably will be located somewhere else, perhaps on the public part of , but we haven't decided on the location yet.

Candidate Best Practices

This section is meant to capture candidate best practices that at least one Member believes we should evangelize to the browser vendors. This list has yet to be discussed and approved by the rest of OpenAjax Alliance.

  • Two HTTP connections per frame
  • Attention to browser memory leaks
  • Future releases of browsers SHOULD NOT include changes which break existing Ajax content that conforms to commonly accepted industry practice and/or OpenAjax Best Practices.
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