Accessibility Minutes 2010 06 16

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  • Mike Squillace (IBM)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • David Todd (IBM)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Nathan Jukubiak (Parasoft)


Congratulation to Prassana on the birth of her first!!!

Rich: will start responding to performance issues and role rule execution

Mike: charter has been drafted - will review main sections of interest plus review deliverables

Mike: deliverables + dates

Nathan: Link to Charter [1]

Mike: Mission/Scope: Background = condensed from main page

Jon: question re: Charter - techniques in WCAG 2 are not normative so will this group just accept what is in WCAG 2 or create own?

Jon: will be be developing our own techniques to meet success criteria?

Rich: don't have a choice given what is available

Jon: need to include that in charter

Jon: specifically landmarks and headers

Jon: another WCAG 2 issue is language changes demoted to Level AA instead of Level A

Jon: group will address best practices based on rules?

Mike: may not be committed deliverable, may be listed as a to-do

Jon: users will look only at what tool recommends and not refer to WCAG 2

Mike: this is a distinct issue. Will publish rules that satisfy success criteria and may not map directly

to a technique

Rich: rules format as one doc, rule set as another doc (dependent on techniques to do testing)

Rich: extend EOY another 6 months to generate techniques?

Mike: techniques not dependency for publishing rules

Rich: may be tweaked if found needed

Jon: not dependent

Rich: W3C is only interested in activities within W3C

Jon: sees same

Jon: doesn't think W3C techniques is being updated - is group meeting?

David: did ask IBM for ARIA techniques a couple months ago

Jon: W3C did work 7-8 yrs to get where they got

Mike: will update scope section to state this group will not be confined to existing techniques

Group agreed

Mike: Mission - input?


Mike: Scope - too limited or too broad?

Jon: HTML 5 doesn't list "+ARIA"

Rich: are working to have ARIA embedded

Jon: syntax will be such that the DTD will include ARIA?

Rich: Link to ARIA HTML 5 proposal [2]

Jon: will author or server have to do sniffing to determine whether browser is HTML4 or HTML5 enabled? ie "Required" property on input control and will browser have behaviour to provide error feedback?

Rich: believe they will have to - will be in header

Jon: just says "HTML"

Mike: that's a problem

Mike: under assumption that HTML 5 will include ARIA

Jon: add note to that point

Mike: ok

Rich: leave HTML5 out

Rich: still in flux

Jon: agrees for initial charter

Rich: write charter for however long it will take us for HTML 4 + ARIA

Rich: leave out 508 refresh

Nathan: agree - easier to add new

Jon: HTML 5 seems to be geared toward mobile

David: agrees

Group agrees scope = WCAG 2.0 with HTML 4 + WAI-ARIA

Mike: on to Schedule

Mike: Duration per recommendation from Jon Ferraiolo

Mike: Milestones - rules format needs to move from wiki to html doc

Rich: push out Reporting Best Practices

Rich: v1 + point releases for rule set

Jon: need plan for what will be covered in initial release

Jon: Modularize/prioritize what we do/commit to

Jon: start with low hanging fruit for rule sets and test suites

Mike: Sept2010 then quarterly?

Rich: recharter only thru Junel 2011 to keep pace with HTML 5 & 508 refresh

Group agrees

Mike: first quarterly release in Oct?

Rich: agrees

Mike releases in Oct, Jan & April

Mike: what about format?

Mike: end of Sept based on vacation times

Release Rules format 1.0 end of Sept 2010

Release Rules sets end of Oct 2010

Release Reporting Best Practices at end of Charter and make them non-normative

Release Rules sets point releases Jan & April 2011

Group agrees

call ended at 10am Central --AnnAbbott 17:40, 16 June 2010 (UTC)

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