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At 2007 September Members Meeting, we discussed the challenges for future Ajax growth and adoption, in particular, issues directly related to the various Ajax runtime environments. For example, browsers allow only two connections per domain, and browsers do not provide a good infrastructure for secure mashups (hence all the hack we are doing with SMash etc...). Similar topics have come up many times in different working groups and task forces. Such conversations typically concluded that we should talk to browser vendors on such issues, but so far very little action has been taken from OpenAjax Alliance as an organization on this front - though various individual members have done a lot of work on their own.

The collective wisdom is that we, OpenAjax Alliance, should do something in this area. We should collect the key issues together from the 100 or so OpenAjax Alliance members, and communicate them to browser vendors as well as the outside community in large. This will help educate the community in large, help browser vendors better plan for their product roadmap, and help OpenAjax members better use Ajax. In the end, creating a better Ajax eco-system. Coach Wei agreed to help get this effort going on.

Working Documents

We decided to create a separate dedicated wiki for the Runtime initiative. This separate Runtime Wiki has different permissions (public can participate) than the OpenAjax Alliance Member Wiki (only members who have signed Members Agreement and therefore agreed to the OpenAjax Alliance IP policy can participate).

Here is the link to the Runtime Wiki where nearly all of the task force effort has taken place:

Relationship to other forums

This Task Force needs to collaborate with all working groups and task forces with OpenAjax Alliance to collect their "wish list" for Ajax runtime environments;

This Task force should also collaborate with the community in large to collect, prioritize and publicize "Ajax wish lists".

Chair and membership

Coach Wei will chair this task force. The following list is the initial members in this task force:

  • Coach Wei <cwei(at)>
  • Bertrand Le Roy <bleroy(at)>
  • Jon Ferraiolo <jferrai(at)>
  • Adam Peller <apeller(at)>
  • Haik Sahakian <haik.sahakian(at)>
  • Ted Goddard <ted.goddard(at)>
  • Simone Fabiano <simone.fabiano(at)>
  • Krishna Sankar <ksankar(at)>

The task force has grown since it was first chartered, and many non-members have collaborated on the Runtime Wiki.

Task Force's Email list

The email list is Archives can be found at: To subscribe to this list, fill out the form at:

Current status


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