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Proposal for Production Ajax Management (PAM) Task Force

Although a great deal of attention has been paid to improving the tools, techniques and frameworks associated with the creation/development of Ajax applications, there has been considerably less effort focused on how to manage these applications once they are in production. Further, the nature of Ajax applications break some of the existing paradigms used to manage web applications in production. In particular, as applications build more of the user experience within the browser environment a lot of the traditional ways of monitoring the performance of those web applications have become less effective. The ability to track where the user is in an application and what aspects of the application (rendering, network transport, errors) are effecting the quality of the users experience have no generalized framework. As Ajax moves more and more into the core of mission critical applications tracking their effectiveness and the impact, on them, of changes to the Web Center environment will become essential.

To address these issues I am proposing the start of another Task Force with the charter to develop an Ajax monitoring/management framework. This framework would identify the information and mechanisms needed to communicate the state and health of an Ajax based application. The range of instrumentation that could be introduced through this framework could be as simple as augmenting Ajax messages to clearly identify who the sending and receiving processes are to instrumenting control element, error and DOM events. In addition to creating a mechanism to effectively monitor Ajax applications in a production environment, creating a standardized message tagging method could significantly improve the efficiency and performance of Ajax message routers. The results of this effort may be a set of recommendations to one of the other task forces (IDE or Communications Hub), the W3C directly or a standalone best practices document.

Below please find the current list of members who have expressed interest in working within this group as well as the proposed chair. If you have interest in this area please add your name. Once we have a big enough group to represent a good cross section we will seek formal approval of this task force from the steering committee and, if granted, schedule the first meeting to discuss scope and charter.

Chair and Membership

  • Steve Hunt steve.hunt(at) Proposed Chair
  • Jon Ferraiolo jferrai(at)
  • Lori Mac Vittie <L.MacVittie(at)>
  • Eran Witkon <eranw(at)>
  • Yehuda Katz <wycats(at)>
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