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(NOTE: At the OpenAjax face-to-face meeting on Oct 5-6, the two existing technical committees had a joint meeting and decided to merge the Markup committee into the Interoperability committee. As a result, this wiki page's purpose now is to preserve prior discussion for historical reasons.)

(now-defunct) Declarative Markup Committee Home Page


  • Open Source - Main page for Alliance's open source efforts.
  • Markup Scanner - James Margaris has developed some very early JavaScript for the OpenAjax Hub for people to review.
  • OpenAjax Hub - Executive summary of OpenAjax Hub for posting on our web site
  • OpenAjaxHub Ideas 20060719 - Here are some concrete proposals for the OpenAjax Hub in the areas of JavaScript collision detection, toolkit loading, markup mixing (for consideration by the Markup committee), and event management.

Here are some links to related documents that have been submitted to the Interoperability committee. Refer to the Interoperability page for background information on these proposals.

A related technology effort is the XAP proposal that is now an incubator projects at Here is a wiki page that provides an executive summary of XAP and includes links to detailed information on XAP:

James Margaris of Nexaweb pointed out that we need to have a clear definition of what we are trying to accomplish. Here are notes, which are mostly directed at the issue of markup mixing:


  • Markup Minutes - Minutes for all of the phone calls for the (now-defunct) Declarative Markup committee
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