Gadgets Minutes 2009-04-27

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  • Jon Ferraiolo, IBM
  • Stew Nickolas, IBM
  • Javier Pedemonte, IBM
  • Adam Peller, IBM
  • Howard Weingram, TIBCO

Original Agenda

See below for call-in information.


Issue 1: Rename 'default' to 'defaultvalue'?

RESOLUTION: Discuss this at IDE WG phone call tomorrow

Adam: Should it be defaultValue instead of defaultvalue?

Howard: Yes, that's right

Issue 3: 'sharedName' vs 'sharedAs' (was Remove 'topic' attribute from <property> element)

Jon: Have we converged on 'sharedAs'?

(everyone else): Yes

RESOLUTION: Rename 'topic' to 'sharedAs'

Issue 5: questions about "topic" sub-elements

Jon: This was about how a topic must be JSON serializable, so cannot have Function descendants. I included red-colored notes in the spec but haven't updated the schema yet. I think this is resolved. Anyone object?

(no objections)

RESOLUTION: Was resolved in email

Issue 6: type checking inbound messages & data being stored

Jon: In email, I said that it isn't really feasible for widget framework to do type checking on property values against a schema. For one thing, there isn't a formal standard yet for JSON schema.

Adam: Kris Zyp has done good work here

Jon: Yes, and I've talked with him recently about possible OpenAjax involvement. He wanted to know whether to submit to IETF or OpenAjax. What I suggested was send to IDE WG for review and then submit to IETF. That way we get both communities involved. If we like the result from IETF, OpenAjax could then somehow endorse that standard.

Howard: I agree that IDE WG should be involved.

Jon: Actually, maybe Kris could submit in conjunction with OpenAjax and/or the IDE WG somehow.

Adam: Couldn't we layer in a schema checker later?

Howard: Yes. But makes sense for now to leave this as an application layer responsibility.

RESOLUTION: Widget framework does not do type check verification with v1

Issue 7: widget onUnload vs onShutdown

Jon: Did we resolve in email that for v1 we would only have unload and not a separate shutdown?

(answer: yes)

RESOLUTION: Do not have a separate shutdown event in v1

Issue 8: sizeChanged event questions

Jon: Howard suggested that size information is about the inner boundaries of the widget. I believe this was resolved in email and in fact Howard has updated the widget APIs wiki page.

RESOLUTION: sizes represent inner boundary sizes

Issue 9: Does JAVASCRIPT need a mode attribute?

Jon: Howard sent email and I responded that JAVASCRIPT element should not have a 'mode' attribute. Is that OK?

Howard: Yes

RESOLUTION: No 'mode' attribute on JAVASCRIPT

Subsequent phone calls: as-needed basis

Jon: All done with issues. What I propose is that we only have Gadgets TF phone calls when we have open issues to discuss. That means scheduling them on an as-needed basis. OK with everyone?


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