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At October face to face meeting, we had a discussion around various issues related to network communications. Greg Wilkins agreed to write something up. Alex Russell and Coach Wei both agreed to participate and help on this topic.

Subsequently, Greg Wilkins wrote a very good piece on background information and proposals for adding communications/messaging features to the OpenAjax Hub. This document is located at Interoperability Communication.

Working Documents


Relationship to other forums

This Task Force needs to do appropriate due diligence about related work being performed by other organizations. Here is an initial list of things to research:

  • Ajax toolkits - what sorts of cross-browser communications APIs are available in popular Ajax toolkits that might be informative to any APIs we might develop?
  • W3C WebApps WG - what is the current state of XMLHttpRequest and cross-domain scripting
  • WhatWG - Are there any advanced specifications related to communications issues
  • Mozilla - What new communications features are on the roadmap, such as implementing WebAppsWG or WhatWG proposals?
  • Portal standards activities Portal Ajax Integration

The task force also needs to collaborate with the Security TF on any issues where communications and security overlap.

Chair and membership

Coach Wei will chair this task force. The following list is the current members in this task force:

  • Alessandro Alinone <alessandro.alinone(at)>
  • Alex Russell <alex(at)>
  • Andrei Dragomir <adragomi(at)>
  • Anil Sharma <anil(at)>
  • Coach Wei <cwei(at)>
  • Gideon Lee <glee(at)>
  • Greg Wilkins <gregw(at)>
  • John Sheridan <john.sheridan(at)>
  • Jon Ferraiolo <jferrai(at)>
  • Simone Fabiano <simone.fabiano(at)>
  • Ted Goddard <ted.goddard(at)>
  • Ted Thibodeau <tthibodeau(at)>
  • Louenas Hamdi <louenas(at)>
  • Stas Malyshev <stas(at)>
  • Mark Phillips <M8PHILLI(at)>
  • Steve Hunt <steve.hunt(at)>
  • Ric Smith <richard.allen.smith(at)>
  • Joe Walker <joe(at)>
  • Howard Weingram <howard(at)>
  • Stéphane Mariel <smariel(at)>

It is expected that other people who are currently involved in the existing Interoperability Committee may participate in this task force after we send out an email to the general members within the WG.

Task Force's Email list

The email list is Archives can be found at: To subscribe to this list, fill out the form at:

Task Force Schedule

Conference Call on August 8th 2007

  • Wednesday August 8th 2007 6pm ET/3pm PT
  • Dial-in Number(s):
    • Toll Free: 1-877-422-0052
    • Toll: 1-314-655-1417
    • Participant Pin access code: 142380
  • IRC channel:, #oaa-interop


  • Quick overview of Face to Face meeting in San Francisco;
  • Proposal and discussion around CommunicationHub Task Force organization structure going forward

Conference Call Minutes (in reverse chrono order)

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