Accessibility Minutes 2015 09 18

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  • Marc Johlic
  • Mike Scott
  • Nicholas Hoyt
  • Jon Gunderson (chair)


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  • Discussion of old Landmark 18:Element restrictions: landmark roles
  • NH: The messaging was getting complicated for old landmark 18
  • MJ: New landmark 18 calling out div and spans
  • The role options must be part of the target resources [role=main], [role=navigation]...
  • NH: Add an additional technique about adding landmark roles to elements, including preferred elements like DIV and SPAN
  • NH: We probably don't want SPAN
  • MJ: We tell people DIV
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  • JG: I would like to wait on FIGURE and CAPTION elements until there is more information on accessibility
  • MJ: Should the image pass if it has a longdesc?
  • MS: Do we have a separate rules for meaningful alt text
  • ... discussion of all image rules ..
  • Change "Long description for complex images" to "Complex images must have long description"
  • MS: 2 rules for complex images
  • MS: Maybe modify Image 6 to include both short and long descriptions
  • NH: Do we need 2 rules for long descriptions
  • NH: Alt text is more common, also alt text can be empty
  • NH: I think image2 could stand alone, but there could be a second rule
  • MS: I don't want 2 manual checks for complex images
  • MS: Change "additional detailed" to "complete detailed"
  • Order 2 and Layout 1 are the most important
  • Order 1 needs a better check
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