Accessibility Minutes 2015 09 04

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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois) - Chair
  • Mike Scott (State of Illinois)
  • Nicholas Hoyt (University of Illinois) (scribe)


  1. Discussion of the purpose and desirability of adding new manual check rules that we previously had decided were undesirable.
  2. Discussion of the new manual check rules individually


Addition of manual check rules for landmarks, headings, links, form controls, images

JG: One reason I feel these are important is that they provide functionality in AInspector Sidebar for user to see all of the landmarks, or headings, etc. highlighted on the page.

NH: Can think of this kind of manual check as potentially a "coherency" check.

MS: The wording for these kinds of rules can be very important, and is often very challenging.

NH: Verify list markup is used appropriately

MS: Verify list markup has the correct meaning

JG: Verify landmarks describe sections

NH: Verify landmarks identify region types

New rule: Landmark 19

JG: Landmarks should talk about regions

New rules: Frame 1 & Frame 2

JG: Frame rules (one for frames, one for iframes)

JG: One question re. frames: are you labeling frames or giving them acc. names?

MS: I think acc. name is the better choice.

MS: If frame has no content that user can interact with, would like to use role=presentation. Would that be correct according to the specs?

MS: If that isn't possible, I recommend using a very concise phrase such as "No content" for value of the title attribute.

MS: Wording: If the frame or iframe does not contain any content that is displayed to the user, use role="presentation".

JG: Will test role=presentation on iframe in screen readers and talk about next week.

New rules: List 1 & List 2

JG: Coding practices with examples will be especially useful in explaining when list label is beneficial and when it is not.


JG: Are there others working for State of Illinois whom we should invite to this group?

MS: Yes, I know of a couple of people we can invite.

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