Accessibility Minutes 2015 04 10

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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois) - Chair
  • Mike Scott (State of Illinois)
  • Nicholas Hoyt (University of Illinois) - Scribe


JG: Milestone: We now have a rule for every WCAG Success Criterion

JG: Rich S. has discussed moving the OAA Accessibility Task Force work into the W3C, in particular a ruleset that would represent the minimal set of requirements that testing tools could use.

JG: Not sure how it would be organized, but possibly under the Evaluation and Repair Working Group, associated with WCAG

Current WCAG Success Criteria Mapping


HTML sectioning elements and default roles

JG: Steve Faulkner has been using the OAA Evaluation Library and he has provided some feedback

JG: In SF's view, we do not need to recommend that people add the default role on HTML5 elements that have default roles

JG: Proposes that we add a new rule: If you're putting the default role on, at least, landmark elements, then it would generate a warning.

JG: Or we could relax the rule and allow either/or (or both).

NH: Consensus is that we go with the latter approach.




New rule


JG: New rule: To prevent errors when input includes legal and/or financial transactions

NH: HTML elements that could be used to submit a 'form': input, select, textarea, button

JG: Will change rule summary to also mention legal/financial transactions

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