Accessibility Minutes 2015 02 06

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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois) - Chair
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • Todd Weissenberger (University of Iowa)
  • Nicholas Hoyt (University of Illinois) - scribe


Title Rule 2: H1 content should match part of the TITLE content

JG: We removed this rule from both rulesets. It becomes overly complex when there are more than two H1s on a page.

Using GitHub for issue tracking


NH: Will add instructions for adding issues in the file for oaa-rules repo

JG: Will start documenting how to run your own FAE 2.0 installation on your server

TW: Interested in running FAE at Iowa; will need to find support staff to facilitate this

MJ: May be able to run FAE 2.0 at IBM; we need to discuss with Ann also

Skip navigation rule

JG: We need a rule for skip navigation

MJ: At IBM we still have situations where skip nav is requested; we mainly recommend landmarks, but for older browsers it becomes appropriate

TW: Not sure if skip nav. rule should be required in the age of landmarks

NH: Does this rule have to be a manual check, or is there a way to have an automated rule?

TW: Does the first internal link in the document link to a valid anchor?

JG: Do you recommend that they use #main for target?

TW: I think that is a common pattern.

JG: If we find that first link does link to #main, the rule passes; otherwise, it's a manual check?

JG: Some people have multiple skip links

MJ: Have encountered this -- seems useful

JG: If first link on page is to an external resource, is that a failure?

JG: Is there any condition for which we would fail people?

TW: I don't think you can require the string "main"

JG: Is there a way for people to pass an automated test?

MJ, NH: It depends on where you skip to whether the link has the required utility

ALL: Consensus is that this always has to be a manual check.

Next meeting: Friday, 13 Feb 2015

JG: Next Friday, would like to discuss goals for the next version of the rulesets

JG: Todd and Marc, would you have time to provide some feedback on 3 or 4 rules, especially on messaging?

JG: ... possibly on a weekly basis

JG: We are planning on building an online rule editor application for maintenance of rule messaging

JG: We haven't established a timeline for this yet.

JG: We hope to be releasing new versions of the tools next week; will send out links when available.

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