Accessibility Minutes 2014 10 17

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  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM) - Scribe
  • Mike Scott (State of Illinois)
  • Todd Weissenberger (University of Iowa)
  • Nicholas Hoyt (University of Illinois)


Changes OpenAjax Evaluation Library

a. Updated APIs


JG: A lot of the APIs were defined over a year ago

JG: Jon and Nick been going through and refactoring the API

JG: Updated the documentation

JG: Improved documentation and a lot better API - especially as we talk about moving fwd w/ others developing tools

JG: More maintainable - it's come a long way

JG: A few more things to do

Mike Scott joined

JG: Doesn't affect the rules

JG: New features include concept of "related elements"

AInspector Sidebar

Update on AInspector Sidebar

Nick: Will be putting up a new version

Nick: Was waiting for new version of evaluation library - but will just go ahead with this version

Nick: Will send out a note w/ update

Agenda Item #2. Change in Link Rule

a. Link text and/or context (through aria-describedby) must unique for every unique link

i. Leave as recommended rule to use description

JG: Want to make sure that we are leaving it as recommended

JG: Using aria-describedby

All concur

JG: Originally was required - group suggested changing to recommended a few weeks ago - going ahead with this change

Agenda item #3. HTML5 section elements

a. Should heading levels be ignored when headings are in HTML5 section elements (e.g. main, section, article, aside…)

b. Should we allow REGION role on ARTICLE element

JG: Suggestion in HTML5 spec is to have a heading at the beginning of a section to label it

JG: Do we care what level this heading is?

AA: Are headings like landmarks

JG: Unclear right now - sometimes they will be - depending on where they are embedded

JG: Just for footer and header elements (that i'm aware of)

NH: To clarify we should talk about "sectioning" elements - the broader class

AA: Why are we writing rules for HTML5 when it is not a standard yet

JG: It is widely used

AA: Are we prepared to change our rules if the standard changes?

JG: I'm prepared to change our rules

NH: It's a peculiar situation - but almost considered a "defacto" standard - browsers are already including most of what's in the draft - people using HTML5 all over.

AA: Browsers have to be ahead

AA: Not aware of anything FS has done to support HTML5

JG: Should every section element have a heading rule similar to what we have for page - i.e. an H1

JG: HTML5 spec seems to encourage use of headings for some of these elements

JG: article, nav, footer,

JG: Think about it and we can talk more about it next week

Agenda Item #4. Rules for Success Criteria 3.2.2 On Input

a. Rule 1: Forms use button for submission

b. Rule 2: Checkboxes and radio buttons with onclick events

c. Rule 3: Select box and onchange event

d. Rule 4: Widget roles often used for changing context

JG: Rule 1 - if it finds a "submit" button it passes. If it finds another type of button it's a manual check. If no button then it fails.

JG: Has to be at least one visible input control on the form

JG: Rule 2 - check to make sure onclick events don't change context

JG: Same for Rule 3

JG: Do we want just a general rule that widgets don't change context?

JG: All manual checks except for potentially Rule 1

JG: Will leave the general check off for now (on widgets) - but will add if we find a need for it later

AA: New CSS feature - flexbox - no keyboard access

JG: New CSS will allow adding alt text to background images

AA: Will lose those images when running in high contrast

JG: Part of CSS4 specification

JG: Propose not meeting on the first of each month

JG: No meeting on the 10/31 due to TPAC

Call ended: 4:00PM ET

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