Accessibility Minutes 2014 06 02

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  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Ken Petri (Ohio State University)
  • Mike Scott (State of Illinois)

1. Updated on AInspector Sidebar

Marc = scribe first half of call

Jon: Up to version v0.16.4

Ann: Has it been updated to stop taking all the keystrokes

Jon: Don't think that update has been made yet - seems to be an intermittent issue. Working on it.

AA: Suggest turning off the shortcut key feature until fixed - otherwise the whole plug-in needs to be disabled.

KP: Removed all of the keys from the shortcut settings - and have been running it that way

2. Updated on FAE 2.0 (Development Server)

JG: Feature to work behind pw protected website should be added next week

3. Ruleset updates and discussion

JG: Ken to talk a bit about what he was expecting and would like in testing headings in website or application

KP: Was noticing that as things were nested properly in a landmark region, things were fine, but if i just looked at heading structure (using WAVE - view heading structure), things were askew / confusing.

AA: When there are portlets on a page, the original navigation would be with landmarks, and then JAWS users would use <H> to navigate the headings

KP: May not be a safe assumption on how various JAWS users may approach a page

JG: From a practical standpoint, believe Ken is suggesting a Heading nested rule

AA: Can't support that be Required - but can be Recommended

JG: Sounds like Ken and Mike are advocating for this rule - "proper nesting of headings"

JG: Doesn't require first heading on a page be an H1

JG: Then has to be properly nested after that

JG: Do we need a transitional ruleset that enforces this?

Marc: Sorry - I need to drop from the call.

Ann = scribe

Jon: not all users really use landmarks

Ken: not possible to know user's usage of landmarks vs headings

Ken: recommends tree structure that's doc level.

Mike: users have not caught up with new landmark feature

Ann: rules need to be supported by WCAG 2.0

Mike: as WCAG 2.0 doesn't explicitly require this, maybe should be recommended.

Ann: ok to make it recommended.


Ann: G141 is an advisory or AAA requirement.

Jon: sees widget roles applied without proper enablement so WCAG + Landmarks ruleset should be used until how widget roles should be used is understood, then move to the WCAG + ARIA ruleset.

Ken: sees role=menu used often without event handlers

Ken: likes WCAG + Landmarks in principle.

Jon: doesn't want a ruleset that users don't understand the purpose for and won't use.

Will continue this discussion next week.

Call ended at 4:03pm Central.--AnnAbbott 21:32, 2 June 2014 (UTC)

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