Accessibility Minutes 2014 04 21

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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Nicholas Hoyt (University of Illinois)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM) - Scribe
  • Mark Novak (TPG)


  • JG and updates from Nick?
  • NH - submitted to Mozilla 16.0.2, we are 136 in the queue
  • jgunder 0.16.2

NH, 0.16.2, sorry

  • JG making changes to FAE 2.0, adding user config option for output display
  • JG always looking for comments and idea..public version next week
  • -->| marcjohlic (chatzilla@A18E2759.4CF8A43C.FA7AD68.IP) has joined #oaa-accessibility

discussion on length of time for add ins to get approved...

  • JG have worked on for 2-3 years, esp the rule sets
  • JG will be using both A Inspector and FAE on their campus
  • JG gave an example how the two work together, how to hand FAE report off to A Inspector
  • JG FAE and A Inspector use same javascript code
  • JG may still be changes for 'on load' or other changing content
  • NH they look and feel alike, so should help users
  • JG third component, 'coding practices' , important for higher education and other places
  • JG not yet flushed out..
  • JG used example of a rotating carousel..
  • AA any documentation on how FAE and AInspector are to be used together
  • JG Nick working on a getting staeted document
  • NH he and Jon giving a presentation to start things off next week
  • JG by next week, should have links pointing at each other, if possible
  • JG there can be many specific versions of FAE, per users needs..
  • NH talked about how AInspector could work within FAE report
  • JG other possibilities for inter-work in the future
  • JG question, link related rules,
  • jgunder
  • JG - rule has some variance
  • jgunder I will try calling back in with the moderator code
  • marcjohlic If that doesn't work, we can use MY line... same number but different pc
  • jgunder We are back on
  • jgunder call back in 888-426-6840 Participant Code: 331 5177
  • bac also please see link for details on rule
  • JG - issues, one URL may have several different names,
  • JG - different names to same URL, 'home or your organization'
  • JG - currently would fail the rule - (FAE)
  • JG - how best to handle. question to the group ?
  • MJ - IBM tries to get folks to use same names to one URL
  • MN - have seen but not sure where should fail
  • NH - not sure where to put number with severity, scenarios?
  • JG - had an actual example from campus this past week
  • JG where they had 3 instances of 'slightly different names' to same URL
  • JG - discussed the idea of how to fix
  • MJ - do the links in a JAWS list go to the same page?, could be a question...
  • JG - should we make the rules more stringent?
  • AA - rejoined, thinks the rule should be a failure,
  • marcjohlic G197:
  • JG - other rules, landmarks rules, their restrictions , in HTML 5, role restrictions, per work that NH was doing
  • AA - is HTML 5 set enough so we should write rules to it?
  • JG - the ones we are looking at maybe we do..
  • JG - thinks the rules are good guidance, HTML 5 is on a fast track,
  • AA - FF and Chrome currently already use some HTML roles
  • JG - we can track and make changes when it gets better supported
  • JG - other option is to make 'recommended' until HTML 5 is adopted,
  • JG - naming of the rule sets, could aria-strict be ? same for aria-transitional
  • JG how to use as just a warning in HTML 4, older browsers.
  • AA maybe add to definitions
  • MJ likes the new names..
  • MJ, can we think of any issues as to why not
  • AA - no HTML 5 until released
  • NH - does HTML 5 imply backward compatibility
  • AA - people will slice and dice by the label...
  • JG - let him and NH work on this next week
  • JG - people need to understand the basic concepts, really help understand the results, need to know a bit about the rule sets
  • JG - work this week, there was a missing rule on landmarks, banner, got added,
  • JG - rule work upcoming work, WCAG related, flashing and things related
  • AA - was flashing made an element?
  • JG - to relook, plan is to keep as page level checks as possible
  • JG - 'onChange' behavior, talked about last week...
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