Accessibility Minutes 2014 04 14

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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Nicholas Hoyt (University of Illinois)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM) - Scribe
  • Todd Weissenberger (University of Iowa)
  • Mark Novak (TPG)

Library, AInspector & FAE

Jon: /member/wiki/Accessibility_OAA_Library_Downloads

Jon: new version of Library published 0.9.3 and Nick published new AInspector 0.16.2


Nick: New AInspector contains change to Landmarks category new rules. Ordering of rule results table. Rule purpose has better information.

Nick: Sending to Mozilla to post to their add-on site.

Jon: FAE is ready to test also. Sends site info to external server.

Ann: cannot use with IBM code if sends to external server.

Jon: can run locally on a Mac.

Jon: would probably work on WinOS, but not sure how to support.

Jon: plans to test with UofI, then to Big 10 Universities

Completed rules

Jon: update on rules - trying to get one rule for every WCAG success criteria

Jon: 1.3.3 Sensory Characteristics (done)

Jon: 1.4.1 Use of Color (done)

Jon: 1.4.2 Audio Control (done)

Jon: 1.4.4 Resize Text

Jon: browser zoom satisfies 1.4.4

Marc: if container, browser zoom may obscure text

Jon: 1.4.5 Images of Text

Jon: 2.2.1 Timing Adjustable (done)


Jon: 2.2.2 Pause, Skip, Hide (done)


marknovak: NoSquint

Mark Novak: FF add-on to see zoom level = NoSquint

Nick: 1.4.5 - logos are exempt

marknovak NoSquint, has a setting to show current zoom levels in the status bar.. and also the zoom increment size, thus why mine jumps 20% each change

Jon: 2.3.1 Three Flashes or Below Threshold (done)


Jon: 3.2.2 On Input



Ann votes for a page level rule for 3.2.2 to eliminate so many manual checks.

Marc Johlic votes for page level rule also



Jon: will look further into 3.2.2

Call ended at 3:01pm Central

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