Accessibility Minutes 2014 03 31

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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Nicholas Hoyt (University of Illinois)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM) - Scribe
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • Todd Weissenberger (University of Iowa)
  • Mark Novak (TPG)


NH: Sent out a link to updated AInspector

NH: Addition of latest landmark rules

NH: version 0.16.1

NH: Details button now to make interaction in Summary similar to others

NH: List of updates: New rules added to Landmarks category.

Added preference for enabling/disabling the keyboard shortcut that toggles the sidebar.

Added Details button to Summary view for consistency across views.

Added number of rules info. following the ruleset name at bottom of sidebar.

Removed the "Include Recommended rules" preference.

Added a "no rule results" message to empty category/guideline tables.

Improved the tooltips for the summary grid and Summary table column headers.

Changed the default for the preference "Include 'Pass' and 'N/A' results" to true.

Todd uses sidebar in his own development work.

Todd: Lots of dev intereest to use sidebar on campus.

Jon: wants folks who work with us to test/try sidebar for confidence factor.

Rules and Rule Categories

.4 ARIA Role Restriction Rules (required)

Role Rule 1: 'main' element can only have 'main' or 'presentation' landmark

Jon: feedback on complex pages would be good

Role Rule 2: 'nav' element can only have 'navigation' or 'presentation' landmark

Role Rule 3: 'footer' element can only have 'contentinfo' or 'presentation' landmark

Role Rule 4: 'header' element can only have 'banner' or 'presentation' landmark

Role Rule 5: 'aside' element can only have 'complementary', 'note', 'search' or' presentation' landmark

Role Rule 6: 'article' element can only have 'application', 'document' or 'main' landmark

Role Rule 7: 'section' element can only have 'region', 'alert', 'alertdialog', 'application', 'contentinfo', 'dialog', 'document', 'log', 'main', 'marquee', 'presentation', 'search' or 'status'

Role Rule 8: 'ul' or 'ol' element can only have 'directory', 'listbox', 'menu', 'menubar', 'presentation', 'tablist', 'toolbar' or 'tree' roles.

Role Rule 9: 'li' element can only have 'listitem', 'menuitem', 'menuitemcheckbox', 'menuitemradio', 'option', 'tab', 'treeitem' or 'presentation' roles.

Role Rule 10: 'hr' element can only have 'separator' or 'presentation' roles.

Role Rule 11: 'body' element can only have 'document' or 'separator' roles.

HTML5 has restrictions on certain elements

role="preseentation" removes the landmark designation

for Windows browsers

Jon: one rule for grouping, one for section, one for widget

Can we allow role="main" on <body>

JG: HTML5 requires content in a
inside of <body>

JG: make that

JG: per link above, HTML5 only allows role of document or application on <body>

JG: Browsers will start support JS type queries - folks have been putting them in future recommendations

JG: Help developers reference content on a page

JG: "programmatic selectors"

JG: Feel pretty good about adding these as Recommended Rules

JG: i.e. If you use the main element, put the role="main" on it also - help with browser like IE

JG: Any objection to adding these as Recommended Rules?

AA: Too early to make them Required rules

JG: Would appreciate it if folks could use AInspector Sidebar in some more complicated situations.

JG: Meeting w/ Nick - talk about publishing a public version of the evaluation library
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