Accessibility Minutes 2014 03 24

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Marc Johlic
Attending: Jon Gunderson, Ann Abbott, Marc Johlic, Nick Hoyt, Tod Weiss <full spelling excapes me...sorry!>
tmweiss	Nick: V. 16 available. No new features, some reimplementation of features. Release notes and 16.1 with updates forthcoming
tmweiss	Nick: Email with new version and landmark rules; user interface changes are minor
tmweiss	Jon: Release version of AI sidebar and FAE 2.0 by end of April with all rules--one rule for every WGAC A/AA requirement
tmweiss	Jon: Forthcoming: password and credentials for authenticated sites
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tmweiss	Work plan: get updated version of AI sidebar onto Add-ons website
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tmweiss	Nick: up to 101 rules
Landmark Rule 12: contentinfo landmark must be a top-level landmark 
tmweiss	Jon: Questions about Landmark 12: Contentinfo must be top-level landmark
Landmark Rule 13: complementary landmark must be a top-level landmark 
tmweiss	Ann: If it exists, it should be top-level. Some sites may not have footer info
tmweiss	Jon: Landmark 13: Complementary should be parent? 
tmweiss	Ann: Not required. Complementary may be child of main
tmweiss	Ann: Only three landmarks must be top-level: MAIN, BANNER, CONTENTINFO
tmweiss	Jon:How is complementary different from region?
tmweiss	Jon: Use case for placing complementary landmark inside main landmark?
tmweiss	Jon: main and complementary should be at "similar" level
Any section of the document that supports but is separable from the main content, but is meaningful on its own even when separated from it. 
tmweiss	Does complementary role exist in main content? Sometimes, sometimes not. 
tmweiss	Marc: sometimes if complementary content is closely related to main content, it's been nested.
tmweiss	Nick: Contentinfo: the author SHOULD mark no more than one element with the contentinfo role. This distinguishes comtentinfo from complementary
tmweiss	Jon: Stricter standards easier for developers; where there's ambiguity, developers second-guess. 
tmweiss	Ann: if it's not in the spec, we can't make it up here.
tmweiss	Marc: If it has anything to do with page content, use complementary--not necessarily as a child of main. Main has same statement.
tmweiss	Ann: <aside> = complementary. So how is <aside> used/
"the author SHOULD mark no more than one element with the xxxx role"
tmweiss	Jon: <aside> can be a child of <main>
tmweiss	Nick: If complementary is relevant to main, then it should be a child; if not, use another role
tmweiss	Jon: Where can complementary landmark be? Anywhere on page?
tmweiss	Marc: Complementary shouldn't go in banner, navigation
tmweiss	complementary should be a top-level landmark or child of main?
Need to step aside for a moment - sorry
tmweiss	Ann: if someone uses complementary in banner or search, failure? Jon: Y
tmweiss	Jon: update rule, it's already req'd
tmweiss	Landmark rule 14: search landmark can only contain region landmark?
tmweiss	Ann: when would one use a landmark in "search"? Most landmarks would not go inside search, so if there is one, it should be region.
I'm back
tmweiss	Jon: Landmark 15: Form landmark can contain only region landmark? Form is a more general version of search?
tmweiss	A landmark region that contains a collection of items and objects that, as a whole, combine to create a form"
tmweiss	Keep Landmark 15 to limit abuse of form landmark
tmweiss	Landmark rule 16: region must have accessible name. Yes.
tmweiss	Landmark rule 17: landmarks must have unique accessible name. 
tmweiss	If landmarks don't have unique names, JAWS will not distinguish between them.
tmweiss	Jon: What about redundant search fields?
tmweiss	Nick: Redundant navigation?
tmweiss	Jon: some way to indicate that two or more instances of the same landmark exist?
tmweiss	Ann: call it "duplicate of..."
tmweiss	Nick: can main, banner, contentinfo rules be consolidated?
tmweiss	Ann: if you have iframes/frames, etc, are they duplicate?
tmweiss	Jon: landmarks in frames, iframes, etc. treated separately. 
tmweiss	Nick: To reduce the number of rules, simplicity, could there be one rule--one main, must be top-level; one banner, must be top-level; one contentinfo, must be top-level
tmweiss	Jon: makes rule more complicated, as one wouldn't know how an implementation failed.
tmweiss	Ann: rather keep them concise.
tmweiss	Nick: "Only one main, banner, or contentinfo landmark"; "If you use main, banner, contentinfo, it must be top-level."
tmweiss	Last: Landmarks must only be placed on <div>, <span>, and HTML5 section elements. To avoid people changing the semantic nature of things.
nav element
sectiom element
main element
article element
aside element
footer element
figure element
address element
tmweiss	Ann: if elements are treated as landmarks, then ARIA landmarks are unnecessary.
tmweiss	I'm losing my room. Gotta go.
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