Accessibility Minutes 2014 02 17

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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Nicholas Hoyt (University of Illinois)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • Mark Novak (TPG) - scribe

Internal Business

anna - saves the raw IRC text for each call she attends

jon, no update for tools

ann, on a call recently, accessibility back to a priority, had a call with developer, the developer had found AInspector

ann, invited them to the call, maybe they will join in the future

ann, how does AInspector start up?

nick, restore button available when install, ARIA strict on install

nick, defaults to strict on install

ann, can send the link to version 15.4

nick, wiki has read only public access

nick, possibly could connect and talk for feedback

ann, the group had done alot re:accessibility in short period of time

jon, noted lack of aria landmarks techniques in general

mark- noted that 19 new techniques, in editors draft, should be published soon

mark - moving to html 5 techniques as a focus

marc - noted some of the differences in how landmarks are understood...

jon - some of the groups frustrations, more into compliance, perhaps?

jon - had submitted techniques, but all rejected, so some difference of understanding of what is a techniques

jon - developers need clear instructions...

Landmark rules discussion

jon - discuss landmark rules today

Landmark Rule 11

jongund Landmark Rule 11: main landmark must be a top-level landmark

jon - what does it mean to be a 'main' landmark

jon - landmark rules apply per frame/iframe

jon - this allows simplification of the rules that are applied to current pass

jon - have to review how headings are handled

jon - strict mode, headings now in landmark?

jon - main landmarks can only be a child of another main lanmark

jon - may need to test, as main landmark could only be in sub dom, then contained in another main landkmark

Landmark Rule 14

jongund * Landmark Rule 14: search landmark can contain only region landmarks

jon - same rule for other landmarks - which one s?

jon should form landmarks be included in landmark rule #14 ?

as in a form landmark inside of a search landmark

discussion of whether or not form landmark makes sense inside a search landmark

ann - read description of form landmark

Landmark Rule 15

jongund Landmark Rule 15: form landmark can contain only region landmarks

jon - spec cites authors should not use form landmark inside search landmark

jon - rule #15m form landmark rule

discussion - about when one would use a from landmark


jon - what can be in a main landmark ?

discussion - main landmark could contain NOT complementary, content info, banner, as these are top level rules also

jon - will look to see if we took that rule out

jon - is form landmark complete?

nick - referred to blog article about form element?

ann - form landmark may be best included a form element (element with role = 'form')

discussion - what should or should not exist within form landmark

discussion - not a good idea to require a form landmark, but maybe can check the correct use of form landmark if it is there

discussion - forms can exist with out a form landmark

discussion - no changes at this time to rule set for form landmark

Landmark Rule 16

jongund Landmark Rule 16: region landmark must have an accessible name

jon - rule #16 - ok

Landmark Rule 17

jon - rule #17, ok

Landmark Rule 1

discussion - how many main landmarks again ?

jon - landmark rule #1 - one main landmark per dom ?

nick - would carry over to other top level landmarks as well (per DOM)

jon - landmark restrictions, where it can be applied


discussion - per the blog link--AnnAbbott 23:22, 17 February 2014 (UTC)

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