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  • jongund Mark are you coming today?
  • be on the call in just a few
  • me to
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  • jongund /member/wiki/Accessibility
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  • annabbott Attending: Jon Gunderson, Nick Hoyt, Mark Novak, Marc Johlic, Ann Abbott
  • I'm in the IRC
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  • discussion about aria-pressed on toggle button
  • best practice in 'role application' ?
  • have told people to stop doing that
  • better way to do, allow browser and AT to handle as it does, otherwise you have to add your own keyboard support
  • does pass keystrokes to application
  • AT stays in forms mode...
  • portals or portlets on the page can still use 'role application'
  • similar to putting role equal form on the entire page
  • may be depricated in ARIA 1.1
  • sidebar update


  • some keyboard scripting support added
  • that page takes several seconds to load up
  • 3rd level auto opens Firefox Inspector
  • back button at the top next the sidebar view
  • removed the 'V W MC' (colored boxes) removed from 3rd level view
  • mainly few interfaces changes...
  • nothing is sent back to a server
  • have to wait for all the page 'http' requests to finish...
  • use the Wash Post page to test alot
  • share a link for all to test
  • nickhoyt
  • seems to stall for some
  • hit => rerun evaluation, seem to help
  • add block versus no add block may make a difference
  • adblock plus 24
  • 24 -> 2.4
  • other rules being worked on
  • messaging... do we need a more generic message for hidden content?
  • library ignores hidden content for now
  • what if author made a mistake?
  • not advocating 'testing' hidden content
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  • richardschwerdtfeger I have to miss today's call
  • richardschwerdtfeger year end fires to put out
  • will all that generate extra noise, messages on hidden ?
  • good luck Rich
  • would require writing more hidden rules...
  • and they most likely would imply manual checks..
  • work on WCAG A and AA first, leave hidden stuff to much later...
  • video rules updated past couple of weeks.
  • jongund
  • Jon posted media rules
  • which have 5 WCAG SC criteria
  • rules pertain to Video and Audio only
  • Jon, also have sync media (audio and video together)
  • Anna, does 1.2.5 cover 1.2.1
  • Jon, if SC 1.2.2 and 1.2.3, does that cover ?
  • Jon 1.2.2 vs 1.2.4, pre-recorded or live
  • Jon, we want rule sets to be A and AA compliant
  • Mark J, 1.2.5 is difficult for everyday person to do...
  • Jon, lots of people don't understand what they are agreeing to do...
  • Jon, we cud say all of A and AA, except 1.2.5
  • Jon, most all of these are manual checks anyways
  • Jon has seen pages with multiple elements to try to satisfy the SC
  • Jon, embed object, can't always tell what it is...
  • Jon, asked everyone to look at video rules..
  • Jon, banner, info content landmarks may need changed messages

now two separate rules checks for more than one

  • Jon, there are questions about landmarks nesting rules...what are they
  • Anna, banner shud not be nested, and usually is first landmark on the pag
  • Anna, main should not be nested
  • Ann, banner, main, and content info should all be level one

unless in some kind of other widget on the page

  • Jon, can banner be inside banner? can any landmark nest within itself?
  • Mark J, nesting of landmarks inside of landmarks..
  • Ann, you need one that is not nested (main)
  • Jon, can regions be used to break this up?
  • Jon, how to handle some of the nesting

Ann, quoted definition of banner

  • Jon, seems best when only one per page
  • Jon, navigation may show up inside other landmarks...
  • Ann, read more on banners

annabbott from ARIA

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