Accessibility Minutes 2013 04 29

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  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM)
  • Mike Scott (Illinois Department of Human Services)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Nicholas Hoyt (University of Illinois) - Scribe


Tools Updates

JG: Any updates on AInspector Sidebar?

NH: Not currently; am working on Rule Details view and should have a new prototype soon.

AA: Could someone provide the link to the current AInspector for Firebug?

JG: Link to AInspector for Firebug:

MJ: Link to Firebug:

MJ: Need to scroll down on that page to download the 1.12 Alpha for Firebug

JG: Thanks to Ann for reviewing AInspector Sidebar wireframes and providing feedback.

Evaluation Library and Issue Tracker

JG: Next agenda item: Evaluation Library and issues: /member/wiki/Accessibility_Evaluation_Library_API_2.0

JG: Prasanna, Nick and I have been working on the Evaluation Library API and its documentation.

JG: Next agenda item: Issue Tracker:

JG: Added an issue re. multiple aria-owns on the same element.

JG: Currently have a number of issues for headings and landmark rules.

Headings and Landmarks Rules

JG: Would like to discuss relationship between heading and landmark rules.

JG: Two edge cases for landmarks: (1) no landmarks, in which case headings should be properly nested and (2) landmarks are used, in which case headings should be nested within landmark (relax the rule somewhat re. the entire page)

JG: From the Open Accessibility Alliance, consensus was heading structure is separate from landmark structure.

JG: Users of ATs are using either headings or landmarks initially.

AA: And when users start with landmarks, they may then switch to using headings.

JG: I'm thinking that we need one rule for headings being properly nested across entire page and another rule for headings being properly nested within landmarks.

JG: Other group made the point that some people would not be using landmarks.

JG: ARIA transitional: two rules (1) headings properly nested across page (Required) (2) headings properly nested within landmarks (Recommended)

JG ARIA Strict: eliminates first rule above and makes the second rule a Required rule.

JG: This seems simplest from both an implementation and a documentation standpoint.

JG: Rule: All content must be within a landmark: concern about this rule generating large number of violations.

JG: Two things to discuss (1) separate into two rules, one a page level rule: "Use landmarks to structure the content" and the second that looks at what content is within landmarks.

NH: Restatement: Use ARIA landmarks to define the structure of all content on the page.

JG: Second rule would only apply when there are landmarks.

JG: If you pass the rule, the landmarks are the elements that pass, rather than the elements within the landmarks.

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