Accessibility Minutes 2013 04 15

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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Nicholas Hoyt (University of Illinois)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM)
  • Mike Scott (Illinois Department of Human Services) - Scribe


NH: AInspector Sidebar - 3 reviews of wireframes, thanks to reviewers, moving ahead to implementation

JG: AInspector for Firebug - waiting for Firebug 1.11.3 for new features (also in latest beta), keyboard support issues, UI issues

JG: New version will support enable/disable

JG: Tracker


JG: /member/wiki/Accessibility_Tracker

NH: Best way to filter - go to group, select A11Y Library 2.0

JG: Category select box - see items with A11Y prefixs

JG: See Process for Resolving Issues on bottom of /member/wiki/Accessibility_Tracker

All: Sounds good

JG: Issues List



JG: Would help to have people review messages for wording, grammar, consistency

JG: Maybe ask group members to do it

JG: Regarding this rule, simply requires/recommends using TH for row/column headers

JG: Whether it is should or must depends on ruleset selected

JG: Headers must/should use TH elements

NH: Use TH instead of TD with scope

JG: Content in a landmark


JG: Reports huge number of violations (1 for each element on the page)

JG: Appears to skew results

JG: People/developers don't like it

JG: Is there a way to report this as a single error?

AA: How do developers fix?

JG: Rule can be fixed with 1 div with role; but that may not be appropriate

AA: Makes sense that it is a page level rule

JG: Conceptually, it is about the page as a whole, not about individual elements

NH: This rule doesn't necessarily encourage proper use of landmarks

AA: One main landmark isn't the fix -- unless you have a simple page, like documentation

JG: What if you have one element that you left out?

MS: If NO elements are in landmarks, report 1 page-level error; if SOME elements are not in landmarks, report element-level errors

NH: Could handle edge case (no elements in landmark) specially

JG: Will look into it options

JG: Another headings and landmark issue - how headings are used in landmarks

JG: If no landmarks, headings should be properly nested

JG: If landmarks, headings should be nested properly WITHIN landmark

JG: What if SOME content is in landmarks?

NH: All headings outside of landmark could be handled separately

JG: Concerned about sending developers mixed messages

JG: Pick it up again next week

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