Accessibility Minutes 2013 03 25

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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • Mike Scott ((Illinois Department of Human Services)
  • Nicholas Hoyt (University of Illinois) - scribe


MS: Where does the AInspector Sidebar fit into the suite of tools?

NH: More of a general purpose tool that provides a rules orientation to evaluation results.

MJ: Likes the colored boxes with summary statistics.

MJ: Would like a breakdown within each WCAG Guideline by Success Criterion.

JG: Please send any comments regarding wording of rule summary, definition and/or result message text to OAA list.

MJ: Would like to see the note about A* below the Rule Results table.

MS: I like the term "Red Flag Rule": could possibly use a red flag icon next to the A designation.

JG: Will send out a new survey re. Red Flag/Basic rules that will allow users to rank the rules.

JG: Each ruleset may designate which rules are "Basic Rules".

MS: Should red flag rules be machine testable?

NH: I see the main purpose of the basic/red flag rules for screening.

MS: Important to define the context of voting for red flag rules: these are for the testing tools.

JG: Moving on to the agenda items for rules development.

JG: Link to documentation: /member/wiki/Version_2.0_Layout_Rules

JG: Layout rules: have three rules already defined in the library.

JG: Rule 3: role=presentation would be required in ARIA Strict and recommended in ARIA Transitional

JG: Rule 1: meaningful sequence mainly requires manual checking

JG: Rule 2: nested layout tables will produce violation

MS: Rule 2 is sort of an extra that we may not need.

JG: Looks like we can take Rule 2 out of our current rulesets.

JG: Rule 1 is a required rule

JG: I added an FAE 1.1 ruleset

JG: In the FAE 1.1 ruleset, the rules that duplicate existing rules in FAE 1.1 will be required, and the other rules we have added since FAE 1.1 will be recommended.

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