Accessibility Minutes 2013 03 18

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Present: Jon Gunderson (UIUC), Nick Hoyt (UIUC), Prasana Bale (UIUC), Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM), Marc Johlic (IBM), Mike Scott (IDHS) - scribe

Jon: New version of OAA Extension:

Jon: Lots of changes:

Jon: Updated user interface information on rules and elements

Jon: Added features to make sidebar by default to be closed in new windows and tabs

Jon: Many under the hood changes to the underlying javascript objects to improve the APIs and documentation

Rich: Could word "violation" be red, and passes green?

Jon: Yes, just a bug.

Nick/Prasana: Stuck in form controls view. May be a bug.

Rich: Refreshing the page, and some violations disappear. Closing/opening sidebar seems to make them reappear....

Jon: May be related to when the DOM is sampled. Scripts may not be fully loaded.

Jon: Need to look into it....

Jon: Working on terminology for "triage" rules.

Jon: Top options include: "Fundamental", "Basic", "Blocker", "Red Flag", "Critical", "First"

Rich: At IBM, "quick assessment"

Nick: "smoke test"

Mike: "red flag" most descriptive of what we're trying to achieve

Jon: "red flag", "blocker", "basic" all good

Nick: "red flag", "blocker", "basic" all good

Marc: IBM uses "quick assessment", doesn't use terms "red flag" or "blocker", but they do get the point across

Jon: "basic" avoids strong implications

Jon: Next week: layout rules

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