Accessibility Minutes 2013 01 28

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  • Jon Gunderson (University Of Illinois - chair)
  • Prasanna Bale (University Of Illinois)
  • Nick Hoyt (Uinversity Of Illinois)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM) - scribe
  • Mike Scott ((Illinois Department of Human Services)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM)

Minutes Of The Meeting

scribe: Ann Abbott

Jon: trying to pull together groups, Open Accessibility Alliance, to have support for rules, techniques and examples plus test suite.

Jon: Coding practices: rules, techniques, examples and rule test examples




Jon: sites are out-of-date, need to bring together to organize new web site.

Jon: Standing call at 2pm Central on Thursdays

Jon: will clean up lists and send new invitation in next couple weeks

Jon: has 2 students who will help create new web site - may be a couple weeks or into March

Widget Rule 11

Jon: /member/wiki/Version_2.0_Widget_Rules#Widget_Rule_11:_Mouse.2Fdrag.2Fkeyboard_events_must.2Fshould_have_roles

Jon: covered event handler rules last call and cleaned them up afterwards.

Jon: that page isn't quite up-to-date yet.

Keyboard Rule 1

Jon: /member/wiki/Version_2.0_Widget_Rules#Keyboard_Rule_1:_Widgets_must.2Fshould_support_keyboard

Jon: Widget Rule 11 will get triggered when roles don't exist and probably should.

Jon: Keyboard Rule 1 checks if interactive widgets support default actions

Mike: should native HTML interactive elements be excluded?

Mike: need another rule to ensure native HTML interactive elements are not also coded as ARIA widgets lacking required ARIA semantics.


Mike: what if well-meaning, but uneducated developer puts an role=textbox without ARIA semanatics?

Jon: no required ARIA semantics on role=textbox.

Mike: should KBD Rule 1 definition have "or interactive elements" added to end?

Mike: link with role=checkbox?

Jon: should still have event handler on it

Jon: can't think of any role that doesn't need event handler.

Jon: if native kbd support exists, should be ok with onclick event

Jon: if onclick exists on body, would pass rules.

Mike: do we need this rule or should all checking be manual?

Jon: think we need this because there will be lots of manual checks that are easy to ignore

Jon: when developers add roles, they need to add kbd handlers

Jon: especially useful for spidering checking tools

Jon: test it - if problem can modify or dump it later

Keyboard Rule 2

Jon: /member/wiki/Version_2.0_Widget_Rules#Keyboard_Rule_2:_Tabindex_for_focus

Jon: checks to see if tabindex exists on widgets

Jon: especially for aria-activedescendent needs tab index of 0 or greater (not negative)

Jon: anything that can get focus can have aria-activedescendent applied

Rich: can have menu that only drops when key sequence triggers it

Rich: toolbar and grid, same way

Jon: will change Kbd Rule 2 so child widget rules are supported also

Rich: has to be part of widget heirarchy

Jon: also takes into account aria-owns

Jon: only kbd rules at this time

Jon: will anyone add tabindex without widget roles?

Rich: yes, that can happen

Jon: will fail if widget waits for kbd focus to add tabindex

Rich: has seen roaming tabindex

Rich: was in early days but hasn't seen in a while

Jon: can modify if causes a problem

Mike: think need manual check to ensure anything that can be done with mouse can also be accomplished via only the kbd.

Mike: to cover fallback methods that have nothing to do with ARIA

Nick: all user actions triggered by mouse are also available via kbd

Mike: if legacy page is functionally accessible, don't want rules to create violations.

Jon: easy solution is to make aria rules recommendations in transitional rules

Call ended at 1: 02pm Central --AnnAbbott 22:46, 28 January 2013 (UTC)

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