Accessibility Minutes 2012 10 29

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  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM) - Scribe
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois - Co-Chair)
  • Prasanna Bale (University of Illinois) - Scribe
  • Nicholas Hoyt (University of Illinois)
  • Mike Scott (Illinois Department of Human Services)



JG: Looking to update FAE 2.0 to run Ajax rule sets

JG: It will be server based, but making it open sourced so that it can be installed behind a company's firewall

JG: /member/wiki/Accessibility_WCAG_2.0_Validation_Rules

JG: URL shows the rules that have been implemented

JG: Would like to prioritize where we should be spending time developing rules.

MJ: ARIA rules would be near the top

AA: Need to have basic accessibility in place first

AA: We use the same checklist for everything that appears in the browser. ARIA applies as necessary to all of it. Our checkpoint states that as a bare minimum you have to have role="main" landmark

JG: Is it a reasonable assumption to that a site will have one banner, navigation, main?

JG: The pages I'm checking now are mostly just navigation

JG: Seems like that "must have a main" is a specific rule for a certain class of pages.

JG: Currently looking at pages that are links to other pages

AA: Is their navigation in right / left nav

JG: Yes, and there are menus with pull downs

AA: In that use case - a list of several (40) links - are they categorized in some way on the page?

JG: Yes, there are multiple navigation

AA: Thinking that in the center part of the page it should ahve role="main" and then have that contain regions with headings for the different categories.

JG: Not actually working w/ these developers, just sampling the pages.

JG: Have some work to do on writing rules. Would like to have a 1.0 ruleset by January.

AA: Propose next week's call get cancelled. Rich will be out. When he's back we could cover the question on "what a 1.0 ruleset looks like".

JG: I'll be out the week after that.

AA: Pushes us out to 11/19 - with an agenda item of the goal for the 1.0 ruleset

JG: Will give me some time to work on rules - so might get caught up

JG: /member/wiki/WCAG_2.0_Principle_1_Perceivable_Rules

AA: IBM Web Accessibility Checklist:>

JG: Next meeting will be 11/19 and we'll be talking about what it means to be a 1.0 ruleset.

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