Accessibility Minutes 2012 08 27

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  • Jon Gunderson (University Of Illinois - chair)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • Mark Jholic (IBM)
  • Prasanna Bale (University Of Illinois) - scribe
  • Nick Hoyt (Uinversity Of Illinois)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBm - chair)

Minutes Of The Meeting

  • Jon: LINK_X : Skip navigation link
  • Ann: Were you implemeneted land marks
  • Jon: our internal websites like Central IT, DRES site implemented landmarks
  • Jon: but there are still many people who don't know about the land marks
  • Mark: LINK_X is a sufficient technique under 2.4.1 (WCAG)
  • Ann: The name Skip navigation link sound more like it applies to navigation links
  • Ann: we may want to change it to skip to main
  • Nick : yes
  • Ann: IBM example talks about using "id" and "main" attributes
  • Nick: when you say main attribute that means role= main ?
  • Ann: it is name attribute with value main or simply we can use role="main"
  • Jon: so do we want to include this rule in ARIA Strict and as required?
  • Ann: yes
  • Jon: now as every body here I want to tell, prasanna has released a new version of AInspector for Firebug. Its been a while with out the new version Please have a look at it
  • Jon: I am working on cache inspector with a prototype reporting option will have it by this weekend
  • Jon: we do have some bugs in it and trying to fix those
  • Jon: We had a face to face meeting last week here with the compliance team and got the feedback and the first version is not the final one
  • Jon: still will get better once people have a look over it and with hte feedback
  • Nick: in our FTF meeting last week, we talk about the rule categories - categorizing the rules depending on which category they belong
  • Nick: so accoring to rule categories This particular LINK X rule would belong to structure and according to WCAG it belongs to Nav
  • Mark: This way the people will have an idea of what guidelines or success criteria are satisfied by the web site
  • Nick: but the initial idea of ours is to keep people away from WCAG
  • Nick : we also discussed in our best practices is to group the rules with Markup
  • Jon: Mark and Ann do you have any thinking abt the rulke categories?
  • mark: I can see the point and understand of having Markup (rule) categories or WCAG
  • Ann: We can have both
  • Jon: yea
  • Jon: would be great if IBM people can show the Cache Inspector and AInspector for Firebug to the developers, testers at IBM get the feedback on rule categories
  • Jon: No call next week
  • Jon: Next call will be on September 10 2012
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