Accessibility Minutes 2012 07 30

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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois - Co-Chair)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • Richard Schwerdtfeger (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Prasanna Bale (University of Illinois) - Scribe


Attending: Jon Gunderson, Ann Abbott, Mark Johlic, Prasanna Bale, Richard Schwerdtfeger

Jon: Any one got a chance to look into the new alpha version of cache inspector released on last friday?

Jon: it includes Heading 1 and Heading 2 rules and will implement the LANDMARK X rule

Jon: planning to have Rule Implementation levels like completed, almost complete, partially implemented and not implemented

Jon: These implementation levels are associated with the rule categories

Jon: /member/wiki/WCAG_2.0_Principle_2_Operable_Rules#Requirement_2.4.1_Bypass_Blocks

Jon: LANDMARK X: Landmarks with an accessible name and containing at least one heading element, must/should use the aria-labelledby attribute to reference the highest level heading element within the landmark

Jon: Does IBM has any techniques for LANDMARK X rule?

Ann: no.

Ann: Prefer aria-labelledby over aria-label on a 'main' landmark if a visible label, such as a heading, is present.

Ann: Web checklist mapping: 2.4a

Ann: Where possible, instead of generating special strings to label main landmark regions with aria-label, provide users who rely on landmarks with labels that are consistent with what appears in the UI by using aria-labelledby to programmatically associate main landmarks with existing, visible, labeling elements.

Jon: can it be a recommondation?

Ann: It is a recommendation for IBM

Jon: using headings provides redundant way to navigate

Rich: If a document is embedded then it is an introduction

Jon: If we have an accessible name and the landmark then the top most Heading must have an accurate description of the region

Ann: If we have documentation then this rule doesn't apply

Jon: Yes

Jon: Mark, Does that work to you?

Mark: yes

Jon: The new Cache Inspector has LANDMARK1 & LANDMARK 2 are implemented in it

Jon: Next week we will connect to my desktop and walk through the rules implemented in the Cache Inspector

Call ended at 1:00 pm Central

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