Accessibility Minutes 2012 07 09

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Attending Jon Gunderson, Ann Abbott, Marc Johlic, Nick Hoyt, Prasanna Bale, Rich Schwerdtfeger



  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois - Co-Chair)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM) - Scribe
  • Prasanna Bale (UIUC)
  • Nick Hoyt (UIUC)
  • Richard Schwerdtfeger (IBM - Co-Chair)


Update on OAA Library & rule development

Jon: Update on OAA Library & rule development - Widget1, contrast and controls/images done. Next is header/landmark rules.


Jon: updating cache inspector to incorporate new ideas & published new version of it

Jon: asking folks to start using it to test

Jon: should work on FF13

Jon: input on features sought also

Jon: are rules doing what we think they should be doing

Jon: "more info" should be looked at also

Marc: installed and likes "rule info"

Jon: headings/landmarks next week

Heading rules discussion

Jon: Look at heading rules 1.3.1 & 2.4.6

Jon: /member/wiki/WCAG_2.0_Principle_2_Operable_Rules#Requirement_2.4.6_Headings_and_Labels

Jon: Difference between docs with landmarks & without landmarks

Jon: if main landmark exists, need different heading rules

Rich: heading nesting is region specific and NOT page specific at IBM

Jon: when to turn off page heading rules and look at landmark heading rules?

Rich: if orphaned content = failure and should force heading navigation

Rich: if no orphaned content, then heading testing confined to landmarked regions

Rich: biggest issue is orphaned content

Rich: exclude what is within landmark

Jon: as more content is within landmarks, less failures for headings

Nick: hybrid (one or several landmarks but also orphaned content) pages cause problems for screen reader users?

Rich: will likely cause issues with AT vendor

Rich: can test whole page if no landmarks on page

Rich: if only one landmark on page, then first fix all landmarks

Jon: skip links needed because not all browsers have kbd-only ability to skip

Jon: currently no rule for skip to main

Rich: rather not have one

Nick: need to convey to tool users that landmarks are more important to fix than fixing heading problems, if any

Rich: correct

Rich: mixed content of widgets and static content is really confusing when there are only headings

Jon: heard that RPT is being used by UI Admin

Ann: different RPT rule set in customer version of RPT than RPT deployed internally at IBM

Jon: will investigate

Jon: rule wiki seems confusing now that we have conceptual model

Jon: will reorg way rules are presented there

Jon: change from table layout to list layout

Jon: wants to generate wiki content from rules

Nick: sounds good

Call ended at 12:52pm Central --AnnAbbott 18:04, 9 July 2012 (UTC)

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