Accessibility Minutes 2011 10 03

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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois - Co-Chair)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • Marc Jholic (IBM)
  • Prasanna Bale (University Of Illinois) - Scribe
  • Nick Hoyt (University Of Illinois)
  • Aurelien Levy (IBM) (IRC only)


JG: /member/wiki/Accessibility_WCAG_2.0_Validation_Rules

JG: /member/wiki/WCAG_2.0_Principle_1_Perceivable_Rules

JG: Updated the table rules on wiki with the definitions of simple and complex data tables

JG: /member/wiki/WCAG_2.0_Principle_1_Perceivable_Rules#Requirement_1.3.1_Info_and_Relationships

JG: Data table can be called as simple if it has atleast one of following: a summary attribute

JG: a aria-labelledby attribute

JG: a caption element

JG: a aria-describedby attribute

JG: a thead element

JG: a th element

JG: or a td element with a scope or headers attribute.

JG: Complex Data Table must qualify as a simple data table and contain any of the following:

JG: a thead element that contains two or more tr elements

JG: more than one thead elements

JG: a tr element with a td or th element with a rowspan or colspan attribute value greater than

JG: a tr element that contains at least one td element and two or more th elements;

JG: two or more tr elements that contain only th elements

JG: a tr element with a td or th element with a headers attribute value that contains more than two IDREFs

JG: Any comments on the table rules?

TABLE 6: Each TH element in a complex table must have an id attribute, whose id value must be unique on the page

JG: Does the rule for TABLE 6 is a rules implied at IBM?

MJ: Yes

AA: WCAG says if a table has summary and caption, they need to be unique

aurelienlevy: hi sorry can't attend to the audio meeting (still some noisy workers in my office)

TABLE 9: If there is more than one data table on a page, each data table must have a summary attribute with content that is unique on the page


   LANDMARK 1: All visible content must be contained within a landmark

AA: LandMarks can be moved to navigation 2.4.1

JG: Landmarks rule is been moved from 1.3.1 to 2.4.1

jongund: /member/wiki/WCAG_2.0_Principle_1_Perceivable_Rules#Requirement_1.3.2_Meaningful_Sequence

Table 13: If tables are used for layout, verify the content is meaningful when table markup is ignored.

JG: It would be safe to use a table over a column wide for layout rather than a table over row wide

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