Accessibility Minutes 2011 08 01

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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois - Co-Chair)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • David Todd (IBM)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • Prasanna Bale (University Of Illinois) - scribe


1. Update on cache development

Jon: Now the each rule indicates which cache it uses

Jon: jon is doing some testing to make sure the things work

Jon: now, the rules have a property called cache rules property

Jon: Another feature, Cache property for the User Interface

Rich: is language is an array?

Jon: Yes

Jon: haven't updated the documentation yet

Jon: also added Cachin events

Rich: Keyboard events are not handled by anybody

Jon: rules are also ran by HTMLUNIT technology

Rich: HTML5 is going to change input types on the fly

Jon: DOM cache has event on styling information

Jon: working on user inteface of Cache Inspector

2. Proposed title rules

pbale: with WCAG, the title rules are


TITLE_1: The page must contain exactly one title element and it must contain content.


TITLE_2: The page should contain one and no more than two H1 elements and the H1 elements must have content

TITLE 3: The content of H1 should not only come from the ALT text of IMG elements

TITLE 4: The content of the H1 elements should be a subset of the content of the TITLE elements

Potential Violation

TITLE_5: The title should uniquely describe the content and purpose of the page

Jon: with respect to Cache Inspector Landmarks are hierarchical

Anna: Is title a page title?

Jon: Yes

Jon: Jon is redoing a website with Drupal

Jon: Do the rules in agenda seem appropriate?

Rich: Yes

Anna: Do the title of the page is different from the one jon is talking about?

Jon: Title attribute is used for lot of accessibility related stuff

Jon: Mark and David, does these rules seem appropriate?

Mark: Yes

Anna: what if we have 3 frames on a page?

Jon: we have to have diff rules in case of frames

Rich: most of the browsers are doing the navigation through landmarks

Rich: If we have only one main content then it doesn't have to be labled

Rich: With multiple frames in a page, one of these frames should have one main

Rich: For the security reasons frames aren't used

Jon: if a frame has a main content, people dos not need to know that a page has a frame

Rich: thinks a frame as a div

Jon: agree that a page should have a frame

Jon: On the WCAG requirement 2.4.6 headings and lables doen't require main

Rich: A rule for IBM, Any content resides in a page must reside a landmark

3. Landmark Rules

Prasanna: with WCAG, landmark rules


LANDMARK_1: Landmarks must not be a child of the same landmark

LANDMARK_2: If there is more than one landmark of the same type, each landmark must have its own unique label


LANDMARK_3: Navigation landmarks should only contain a heading element, list markup and links

Potential Violations

LANDMARK_4: Landmark labels should uniquely describe the landmark on the page

LANDMARK_5: Landmarks and their labels should be used uniquely between pages

Anna: if there are more than one landmarks on a page, they must have labels on each landmark

David: context can be wrapped from nested landmarks

Anna: what if we have left navigation?

Jon: LANDMARK_3 rules should start as a recommendation

Jon: no meeting next week

Jon: will be meeting next on August 15

call ended at 1:14pm Central/Next call Aug 15--PrasannaBale 13:54, 01 August 2011 (UTC)

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