Accessibility Minutes 2011 06 20

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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois - Co-Chair)
  • Prasanna Bale (University of Illinois)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • David Todd (IBM) - minutes


Rich: regrets for today. I have a call with NASA

annabbott ( has joined #oaa-accessibility

Reorganized source repository.

Branches, tag & trunk folders.

Old stuff is under tags.

Jon will add new 2.0 stuff this week under trunk.

2.0 will be driven by caching.

Rules will be run on entire document.


API specification link (see above).

There will be an API for creating reports.

2 classes of rules. rules at the node level which can be standalone checks and rules that need other context information.

Rules should be simpler when new spec is implemented.

Also attending: Prassana Bale (University of Illinois)

Rich Schwerdtfeger on IRC, but not on call.

In 2.0 you would run a ruleset and the system would return all the rules that passed/failed for that node.

correct ->> that passed/failed for that *document*

Where to find node in reports. Use XPath.

XPath starts with id if one is present.


Looking a use rule use cases in above link.

Generate an accessibility report for a document

1. Provide progress information on rules processing

2. Provide evaluation results (in XML, JSON and/or HTML formats)

  • For each requirement list the rules

o For each rule in the requirement list the nodes that:

1. Failed

2. Passed

3. Require manual checks

4. Provide a means to identify each node in the list

Inspect a node of the document for accessibility issues

1. For each node provide the following information:

2. List of rules that fail

  • Provide information on why the node failed

3. List of rules that pass

4. List of rules that require manual evaluation

  • Provide data useful for performing manual evaluation for each rule (e.g. from DOM or other Element cache information)

5. List of rules that met a node context, but did not meet test conditions

  • Provide information on what test conditions were not met

Jon will be working on cache the next couple of weeks.

Call ended at 12:30pm Central

Hope to being working on rules after cache is implemented.

No call on July 4 (holiday)

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