Accessibility Minutes 2011 05 02

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  • Richard Schwerdtfeger (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois - Co-Chair)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • Nicholas Hoyt (University of Illinois)
  • Aurelien Levy (Temesis)


Agenda for this call: /pipermail/accessibility/2011-May/000587.html


Marc Johlic - scribe

1. Reviewing Open Issues in Issue Tracker

Jon: Rule 41 Missing context

OAA Rule 41: Missing Context?

Jon: Fairly easy fix

OAA rule 21 : wrong context -

Jon: Will have to decide whether we want this rule to remain in the rule set. Group will have to decide if we want different rule sets based on people's preference for browser support

Jon: We could build rule sets for different use cases

Jon: We may want to have a rule set for accessible repair that focuses on min requirements or "repair oriented" process

Jon: Or maybe different categorization of rules for folks doing design

Jon: Will look into how that could be supported in the web based system


OAA rule 18->22 : case of same action but from a different e

Jon: Related to onclick

Jon: Rules 18 - 22

Jon: Related to focusable elements. Rule was originally related to earlier web pages where onmouseover and onmouseout were used to style pages

Jon: Will have to revisit these rules because we're focusing on web applications

Jon: Couple issues with 18 & 19 - they're looking for inline handlers - rarely used these days and second is that since events can be bubbled, we may need to narrow these to links and see exactly which elements they should apply to.

Jon: If we decide it's a good element we may have to expand it to elements that have had event handlers added dynamically

Aurelien: Propose to mark these rules as "potential violation"

Jon: Tough one because basically there is that option for nearly every accessible feature.

Jon: Change wording to every onclick event handler that's on a non focusable element should have equivalent functionality in the web page

ACTION: Change Rule 21 to a Potential Violation - and rewrite the name

Jon: Rule 22

Aurelien: Same suggestion to change all of these 18 - 22 to Potential Violation

ACTION: Change Rules 18 - 22 to a Potential Violations

No objections to change on the call

OAA rule 15/16 : contrast ratio >= or > ? -

Jon: Should be pretty straight-foward

Jon: need to calculate current font size and weight for rendered text and whether it is part of disabled widget or role=presentation or hidden to measure contrast (minimum)

Jon: 1.4.3 is AA req and 1.4.6 is a AAA requirement - there is no requirement for Level A for contrast (minimum)

Aurelien: need test for 1.4.6

Ann: key terms at bottom of page that may help

Jon: We don't currently have a cache for color contrast - need to add that

OAA rule 5 : anchor and other extension than .(x)html suppor -

Aurelien: relates to checking longdesc

Rich: Current consensus was to remove longdesc. If it is removed from HTML 5, we would define an ARIA equivalent - ARIA would have to come up w/ a new attribute.

Rich: Many issues being discussed around all alt text in html 5

Rich: For now I think we need to add a rule for longdesc - would be a "Potential Violation" because not every image needs a longdesc

Jon: Should we just add a check for every image to see if it has a longdesc attribute (as a potential violation) based on other criteria?

Aurelien: Need to check if longdesc url is valid

Rich: Need to check if there is a longdesc or described by on anything more than a thumbnail

Jon: So base it on image size

Jon: We can continue reviewing open issues next week

Call ended at 2:07 PM EDT--MarcJohlic

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