Accessibility Minutes 2011 03 07

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  • Richard Schwerdtfeger (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois - Co-Chair)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • Prasanna Bale (University of Illinois)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • David Todd (IBM)
  • James Nurthen - (Oracle)


Sue McNamara - scribe

1. Review changes to Ruleset, Rule and NLS files


David - have some changes will send that to Jon

Rich: If we are going to refer to products we should do a separate page

Jon: Do we want to add a property to the rule object- this rule only applies to this language

James: if WCAG 2 doesn't specifically list as failure, doesn't think the rules should call a failure.


James: for instance, if alt text is lengthy because it needs to be to meaningfully describe image, it shouldn't fail because it exceeds a character count.

James: not allowing certain works cannot possibly be a violation. It can be a recommendation.

James: Our dev is coding based on WCAG.

Rich: WCAG techniques are really limiting

James: should improve those techniques then.

Jon: WCAG submission form for techniques is broken and they found it has been broken for months

Jon: Not normative

Jon: some rules need discussion and we want to honor

Jon: problem is rules say should do something, but WCAG has alternatives

Rich: limiting test engines to what's in WCAG should happen, but ARIA isn't in any WCAG at this time.

Rich: guideline 4 in WCAG

Rich: problem: Guideline 4, Robust, role, states, properties - must look at all

James: ARIA isn't a recommendation yet.

Rich: will take a 1 1/2 years - nobody has time

Rich: it is broken

Rich: we have whole set on OAA that we'll be sharing to get it thru CR and could take 2-3 years. Approach is broken, not sustainable

Jon: People can create their own rule sets

Jon: people use this construction and plug them into other use

James: great for dev orgs, but rules above WCAG 2 is dangerous.

James: WCAG2 - agencies can take this and say we have failed WCAG2

Jon: still don't have rules for every WCAG technique

Rich: approving rules format for how to form a rule

James: happy to take what are codes to WCAG2

James: failure techniques can be taken to WCAG - would be glad to do that

Jon: tried to submit techniques, but they go to never-never land

James: offering to take forward

Jon: group is better than individual

Mark: If James can't join this group can work with James

Mark: Can funnel info from this call



Jon: Language - would it be useful to have the language built in rule

Jon: language - option for language to be built in or define which language is tested

Jon: add to utilities page

Jon: add to until file a way to test for language.

Jon: add to the property of the rule itself

Jon: could it be a list of languages

Rich: list of languages

Rich: agree

Jon: Use the standard language specifications - use array vs. string

David: agree

James: agree

Jon: what would be the default

Jon: want to have a language as all

Jon: one source - lots of pages don't use that

Jon: will have to play with the implementations

Jon: could use the default language of a browser

Jon: If a server base - not sure it would have a default language

Jon: just added language property - default is no?

Jon: if array is empty - rule applies to all languages

Jon: Rich go over any comments

Rich: do we think that the actual rule format is done - need to decide first

Jon: thinks it is done

David: Looks fine to me

Rich: anybody think rules set is not done

Jon: put into another file - could include in 2.0

Rich: Jon when you make the edits - send a note to Jon Ferraiolo so that they can review

Jon: requirements for objects - each dictionary has 4 properties

Jon: NLS file - did add for requirements object, each dictionary object has label, description, URL & references array

Jon: 5 types

Jon: type technique,

Jon: manual

Jon: link to how you would verify

Jon: information

Jon: might be a blog or other resource on that requirement

Jon: type authoring

Jon: help people satisfy requirements

Jon: other

Jon: various information to help people

Jon: added to requirements dictionary only

David: makes sense to me

Ann: Not voting -

Rich: Fine

Jon: advisory only

Jon: allows us to start building

James - if one exists why you would not point

James - misunderstood - thought you were going to write them all

Jon: for WCAG - point to technique documents

Jon: easy links to put in

Jon: audio - point to examples

Ann: think that will be valuable

Rich: are we good to go

Jon: edits should be done by next week

David: should be able to be done today

Rich: RESOLUTION: The working group agrees to the 1.0 Rules format


Rich: when Jon is done will send out to the Steering Committee

Rich: James should not be violated if you do not meet

Rich: rule 7

James: caption is adequate

David: was reading WCAG - read the techniques still could not determine if summary was needed

Jon: want to add a rule for caption

David: do you have to use one rule or the other

Jon: have to put in all the ARIA options

David: not be best practice - should be summary or caption

David: WCAG requires info and relationships

Ann: how to meet - long list -

Jon: is there another way to describe

Jon: don't assume any table is a data table

David: must use caption or summary

David: pretty confident if we put a failure technique they would accept it

David: put a failure technique

Jon: one last thing - next week - CSUN

James: Not available

Jon: Not available the following week

Jon: next meeting would be on March 28

Jon: just make editorial changes

Jon: will send a message

Sue McNamara: call ended at 1:03 p.m. CST

Jon: David hope you can join future calls

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