Accessibility Minutes 2011 01 31

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  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois - Co-Chair)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • Prasanna Bale (University of Illinois)
  • Bertrand LeRoy (Microsoft)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • David Todd (IBM)
  • Vio Onut (IBM)
  • Sue McNamara (IBM) as scribe




Sue McNamara - scribe

Rich: Need to add to agenda - Discuss handling aria-owns and required children related to combobox

Sue M:Joined: Vio

Rich: Issue with Combo box - failing we don;t have text box

Sue M:joined: Mark Johlic

Rich: Need to be able to handle the one exception

Suem: joined: Nathan

Suem: Prasanna will look into this and let Rich know

Suem: Joined: Bertrand LeRoy

Jon: Will look at rule and see how the input box issue can be resolved

Agenda 1. Jon - Status on rule ID work (team to review) Immediate Goals: Get 1.0 rules and rules format reviewed. (need to fill in manual tests and overall WCAG 2.0 gaps) Rulesets

Link to page: [2]

SueM Rules:

Rich: Need to state how we are going to handle the manual test

Rich: Need any help

Jon: Sure can use help


Jon: If everybody could take a few and testw

Jon: Every page has to have this test

Jon: In future version to put in that they did the manual test

Rich: How do we these manual tests into the database

Jon: People could add test update the repository and put into the db

Jon: Could put it into the database or people could put it into the database themselves

Jon: Easier for people to update the ruleset

Jon: Could set up an account

Vio: Yes

David: Yes

Mark: Can you please add Marc Johlic as well?

David: Doesn't have any manual tests right now...Tom probably has manual checks

Rich: David and Todd to work on this

David: Will touch base with Tom

Jon: Happy with the rules as they are now

Jon: Generator rules has been used for the last few months

Jon: Do we want to have any rules related to our landmarks, nice thing to do, main landmark, don't we have any of those rules

Rich: We require we make use of landmarks in IBM products

Rich: Look at best practices

Ann: Only need labels if there is more than one landmark

Jon: Recommendation or violation right now

Rich: Check out combo box and required child, fill the gaps in rules for manual testing, add something for landmarks

Rich: Be sure we are labeling landmarks

Rich: Labeling landmarks when they have the same type

Rich: We need to create manual tests and put those into the repository. David has an action item for this

Rich: Next rules need to review

Rich: Next week

David: All these that have rules do I need to look into

Jon: Need to coordinate

Rich: David to fill in all the rules

David: Will look at each one of these

Jon: Wait until David updates and lets us know

David: Updating on website - need to be codified -

Jon: If David could do this today or tomorrow

David: Will provide a list of what we are doing

Agenda Item 3. Status on collection caching - David Todd

David: Not sure if anybody is using it yet

Jon: Waiting to get a process in place before using the caching

Rich: CSUN - our proposal didn't get in

Rich: Messed up the schedule and had to let some things drop.

Ann: Rich did you let Damien know

Agenda Item 4: Test Suite Development

Sue M:

Jon: Have a few students who could help with this

Rich: We have to get the aria implenmentation done prior to testing

Rich: Person at University of NC to contribute to testers as well

Rich: Face to face coming up I'm thinking in May

Rich: Will work something out

Jon: Students will be contributing to Ajax test suite and will be contributing in some way

Rich: Stick with version 1, happy with return values

Suem: Call ended at 12:45 p.m. CST

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