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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois - Co-Chair)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • David Todd (IBM)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • Prassana Bale (University of Illinois)
  • Nathan Jakubiak (Parasoft)
  • Bertrand LeRoy (Microsoft)


Meeting Agenda


Rich Schwerdtfeger - scribe

david: can you send out a summary of what you fixed to the OAA accessibility list serve? Prassana: yes

CSUN Presentation

Jon: It is still pending

Jon: I think they want to make sure you are coming

Nathan: I am waiting to see that I am approved.

Jon: I guess we will get an email whether we are accepted

Naming conventions for the files

Jon: I made the changes based on last week

Jon: I changed image to rules, images, and area Rulesets

Rich: where are landmarks?

Jon: Under landmark and header rules

Jon: we have a separate rule set for ARIA

Jon: ARIA is integrated into the form/widget rules

Rich: we could use HTML 5 rule and command terminology

Rich: Abstract Roles

Rich: In ARIA we made accommodations for HTML 5 and introduced the command

Rich: command is is a subclass of widget so we are ok

Rich: I am ok with what you have for the rules

Rules Format Discussion

Jon: Rules Sets

Jon: I have been working on udpating the wiki

Jon: I added new properties to the rule object. group label and group id

Jon: this associates a group of rules in a file

Jon: This allows us to enable/disable a group of rules

Rich: fine with me

Jon: I have an example of a rule object

Jon: I worked on the rule sets object

Jon: let's go over that first

Jon: Under rulesets we have three main areas

Jon: there are 6 properties on the ruleset object

Jon: Requirements would be equivalent of what we have now. For example WCAG2

Rich: I think we should reserve WCAG_2.0 for now for the ID value

Jon: Does the group agree?

Nathan: I support reserving the name WCAG_2.0

Jon: I assume we will have different versions of the rule sets as we will modify/enhance the rules.

Jon: do we want that to be a localized string name?

Rich: I can't see a version number internationalized

Jon: OK I will update the example

Jon: what do we call the current version? 0.9?

Rich: Sure

Topic: Requirements array object

Jon: Criterion number is A, AA, etc. for WCAG 2.0 but for 508 this would be one value as all are required

Jon: for requirements you would point to the rule in WCAG

Rich: there could be a problem where the URL granularity would be poor

Nathan: It may not be required

David: Some groups may have their own internal rules

Jon: Sounds like it would be up to the people who are using it

Jon: referring to requirementURL

Jon: enabled would not be required and if it is not present the default value would be true

Jon: A tool could define a way to disable an individual rule

Jon: the last property (rules) is an a array of rule objects.

Jon: So each rule in a rule can have 3 values severytyCode, priorityCode, and messageCode

Rich: so how is the ID referenced?

Jon: I need to add a section on the NLS file format. Each message would have a unique id.

Jon: The id points to a dictionary value and that has an object

Jon: that was changed last summer. It used to point to a specific string

Jon: there is a potential to add different properties

Jon: I need a section on the Natural language support object

Prassana: I need to drop

Jon: the message code id is a reference to another object which is currently only a message string

Jon: so there is this natural language support file. I need a section for this

Jon: this will have a section of localized variables, information about priorities, etc.

Jon: the messages will also be there

Topic Rule test cases (in the rules formats)

Jon: if your tool can spider a bunch of tests you can walk the tests

Jon: I tried to make the properties in line with the properties used elsewhere in the specification

Jon: Prassana has been working on using these results in A Inspector

Jon: with A Inspector we can run a set of tests and evaluate the results.

Jon: I just started working on the rules object

Jon: if there is changes to the database I can simply update the database.

Jon: eventually you can go to a web page and you update and add a test case.

Rich: for now we just add them?

Rich: I have an example that I want to add

Jon: We need to differentiate between an example and a test suite

Rich: I need this for feature testing

Jon: I am just saying the examples area is where we would use a specific feature

Rich: making perfect sense to me

Rich: It should be up to date next time

David: is there an advantage to have our strings all come out of one NLS file?

Jon: you mean a rule object?

David: yeah, I am looking at the rule example and the rule titles

Jon: so this is in the rules return example:

Jon: you think this is a localized string

Jon: I have not thought about the test suites being localizable

Jon: people will put their own examples in

Jon: we are not enforcing english

jon: it is helpful to look at the rule

jon: this is why I have rule title in there

jon: I guess rule label is localizeable

Jon: It may be. I have to check

Jon: you could have other languages there

david: no big deal. We could treat this as a future problem

Bertrand: I have some questions about the current spec.

Bertrand: I posted them to the list

Jon: do you want to talk about them now?

Jon: do you want to talk about some of them now?

Rich to Group: Please review Microsot's comments and we will discuss at the next meeting

Rich: So when is the next meeting?

Jon: So the next meeting is January 10

Rich: just wanted to make sure we were still on the same page

Rich: so we have between now and the 10th to review Microsoft's feedback. Much appreciated Bertrand!

Jon: we need to have a requirement section for NLS and we need rules for WCAG 2. We need a number of potential violation rules

Jon: the media ones will pass if don't see any embed or objects in the page which would require a manual test and that would generate a potential violation

Jon: We need potential or manual feedback so we would not have a rule for every WCAG rule

Jon: have audio and video tags in use today

Rich: I think we need separate tests for audio and video

Jon: if we see no audio, video, object, and embed tags we pass?

All: agree

To do

Review Microsoft's Feedback/Questions

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