Accessibility Minutes 2010 12 08

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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois - Co-Chair)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • David Todd (IBM)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • Prasanna Bale (University of Illinois)
  • Nathan Jakubiak (Parasoft)
  • Vio Onut (IBM)



Nathan Jakubiak - scribe

<jakubiak> RS: Microsoft wants to join the group. On west coast so want to have meeting at least at 8:30 their time. Also IBM internal schedule conflict. Would like to schedule different time

<jakubiak> All - Discussion about possible days and times

<jakubiak> Prasanna also attending

<jakubiak> Ann also attending

<jakubiak> Agreement to do the calls at 12 central time on Mondays

<jakubiak> Rich will send out reschedule notice - will let Microsoft know

<jakubiak> Will take a break through the holidays, and pick up on Jan 10

<jakubiak> So will meet Dec 13, and then break until Jan 10

<jakubiak> JG: CSUN presenters need to register by Friday

<jakubiak> DT: Was paper accepted?

<jakubiak> JG: Paper is pending, don't register by Friday

<jakubiak> JG: Nathan and I talked a bit about the xbrowser issue, Nathan still working on it. Jon wants to know once complete so can test

<jakubiak> JG: Sent out link about generating rule files - here is link - /member/wiki/Accessibility_Validation_Rule_Codification_Requirements#Rule_ids

<jongund> Accesskey Rules

<jongund> Data Table Rules

<jongund> Form Control Rules

<jongund> Frame Rules

<jongund> Image or Area Rules

<jongund> Landmark and Header Rules

<jongund> Language Rules

<jongund> Layout Rules

<jongund> Link Rules

<jongund> Media Rules

<jongund> Scripting Rules

<jongund> Styling Rules

<jongund> Unassigned Rules

<jongund> Widget Rules

<jongund> WCAG 2.0 Ruleset

<jakubiak> JG: Broke rules into different categories

<jakubiak> JG: Some rule groups empty since still adding rules to some of them. Working on getting the aria rules incorporated into WCAG 2.0 ruleset

<jakubiak> RS: This is what was thinking of regarding breaking rules into groups

<jakubiak> JG: Added grouping id into ruleset, so can disable group of rules

<jakubiak> RS: Wondering whether form control rules should be widget rules. Since today users use form controls throughout the page not just in forms context

<jakubiak> JG: What's in there now are rules tied to the older HTML 4 rules

<jakubiak> RS: In HTML 5 lots of new elements. Since all elements are interactive UI elements, might be ugly to split out "forms" elements

<jakubiak> JG: Okay we can merge form control and widget rules

<jakubiak> JG: Media Rules should be Audio and Video rules

<jakubiak> JG: Have checked rulesets with AInspector, Monday can review naming, if everything ok I will check these into the repository

<jakubiak> JG: I have been working on updating wiki page on rule formatting information, Monday we can discuss. One of deliverables is format for rules

<vonut> I have to drop (back to back meetings)

<jakubiak> JG: We shoot for Jan 10 to vote on rule format

<jakubiak> RS: Need to send email invitation, then can vote on a call

<annabbott> Ann has to drop for next call

<jakubiak> JG: Sounds like Jan 10 would be good day to have a draft message to go out for voting

<jakubiak> RS: Microsoft probably more interested in HTML5, might take a while for them to get their feet wet here

<jakubiak> JG: Next meeting Monday

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