Accessibility Minutes 2010 10 20

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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois - Co-Chair)
  • David Todd (IBM)
  • Nathan Jakubiak (Parasoft)
  • Prasanna Bale (University of Illinois)
  • David Todd (IBM)
  • Ann Abbot (IBM)
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)



Jon: CSUN presentation was submitted?

Ann: Checking

Ann: Last email says "we are registered"

Prasanna joined

Nathan: Update browser compatibility code.

Nathan: Two rules didn't get converted yet because they were hard to convert.

Jon: How did you verify rules work?

Nathan: We run them in our engine and testing.

Update both libs and rules and checked in.

SOA-test product was used to run the rules.

From Tony (Parasoft) ==> I was not able to convert the "Component" code used in OpenAjax.a11y.util.parseLabel or OpenAjax.a11y.util.getEvents. In parseLabel under IE, the function just follows the "accessibleRetrieval failed" path. In getEvents under IE, the code falls into the path that iterates over the nodes attributes.

Discussion on aria-secret. Folks don't know what it is.

Jon: need to manage code conflicts.

Jon: David working on caching?

David: Haven't done anything in past couple of weeks

No caching used by David or Nathan, but code checked in

Jon: Next step to try to use it in one of the rules

Jon: Maybe we can try to integrate into one of the headings rules

Jon: Browsers already have a collection for links, don't know if our rules uses that, but can try headings

Jon: Want to go through current rules page, kind of out of date


Probably need to discuss rule ids separately at some point

Violation levels - seem okay

Jon: Not the page I wanted


Jon: This is one view of the current ruleset

id seems to be a unique element that can pick out a rule from a collection of rules

label is part of the nameset

3 data structures - ruleset, rules themselves, namespace messaging stuff

rulesets and namespaces associated with each other

priority wasn't in ruleset, but important if going to generate some kind of rating

Jon: is severity same as criterion level?

Jon: actually I meant is priority same as criterion level?

Marc: looks like all success criterions listed here are level A - don't see AA or AAA

Jon: in link I sent there are

Jon: priority can give developers guidance on what to work on first

criterion level is priority within WCAG 2, and priority is "priority" within given set of rules

David: Seems to make sense to me

Jon: I just made up high and low for priority - but maybe we should standardize and use A, AA, AAA?

Jon: could have calculation based on rules success, criterion level, and priority code. Could calculate scores for users

Ann: I would be concerned in priority codes are labeled with A, AA, AAA people will definitely get confused with criterion with WCAG

Jon: Criterion just points to namespace - no human readable data about what that means that I know of

Ann: If rule fails, wouldn't you display based on criterion level, i.e. "level A"

Jon: Do we see criterion level as specific to a specification?

Nathan: I see criterion level as specific to a specification, and priority more general

Jon: I was thinking that priority was relative to a criterion level, and Nathan seems to say that priority somehow has criterion level encoded in it - two ways of looking at it

Jon: Within a criterion level, the priority of the rule is the important of that rule in satisfying the criterion. Criterion carries the overall importance within a ruleset, and priority carries the importance of the rule meeting that specific criterion

Nathan: In our tool priority is relative to the entire ruleset, and can take into account criterion level

Jon: Let's think about this this week

Jon: Would like better definitions, so rules easily developed and extended by other people

Jon: enable - is that in the repository any place?


Jon: we got rid of criterionDesc

David: Just searched on "enable" in the code and didn't get any hits

Jon: Placeholder for people who want to select rules?

Nathan: We at Parasoft allow users to enable/disable rules

Jon: Would have rules off by default in repository? Maybe for experimental rules

Jon: For next week I'll try to provide better definitions for these things based on our discussion

Jon: Next week would like to discuss criteria for having 1.0 ruleset

Also start talking about aria-related rule

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