Accessibility Minutes 2010 08 25

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  • Mike Squillace (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • David Todd (IBM)
  • Jon Gunderson (Illinois)
  • Prasanna (Illinois)
  • Mark Johlic (IBM)


Attending: Marc, Rich, Mike, Vio, Ann

Attending: Jon, Prasanna

Mike's last meeting

Mike: Discussion of chairman

Rich: Jon is willing to co-chair

Rich: No one on the call objects.

Mike/Rich: 2 weeks ago Microsoft attended the creating review. Jon F. will get back to us when Microsoft gets back with him.

We will let Jon F. know that Jon G. will co-chair.

Mike: We will leave our documentation in Wiki format vs. HTML.

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Mike: Next item is Jon Web based tool for managing rules.

Jon: discussing his Web based tool for managing rules.

Jon: Manual management is very error prone and labor intensive.

Jon: Tool will support easily adding a rule and maintenance of rules.

Jon: Has added most of the rules to the Web tool.

Jon: Under rulesets there's two set of rules current.

Jon: Rulesets organize rules based on a set of requirements.

Jon: Separated best practices from severity rules.

Jon: Which rules are more important than others -> there's a field for that.

Jon: Added markup references for each tool. E.g., rules associated with the img element.

Jon: Context -> where does the rule apply.

Jon: variables can be associated with rules.

Jon: Contact Jon for a login id to the system.

Jon: Supports deprecating rules.

Jon: Next is the rules tab.

Jon: Rules map to accessibility requirements

Jon: rulesets map to requirements

Jon: rule sets map to WCAG 2.0 IITA

Jon: Back to the rulesets tab

Jon: Do we have someone that can translate to another language?

Jon: Would like to add capability to freeze a rule set.

Rich: How do we get the code back into SourceForge?

Jon: Dump the DB in a text format and put into SourceForge

Jon: Would like to move the Wiki for the rules into his tool.

Rich: Wiki is published by OAA. Might be hard to bring Wiki into Jon's tool.

Jon: Ok, maybe we can link to it or pull it in via iframe.

Mike: Is there a way to submit a test case?

Jon: Will address submitting test cases.

Mike: Nice to be able to run the test case from the tool.

Jon: Some rules have browser specific code and wouldn't run.

Jon: Will look into running test cases from the tool.

Jon: Have examples working in the test suit next time.

Jon: Send Jon a note to get a login to his tool.

Mike: Ask Jon F. about sub-domain to put tool

Jon: Tool will support archiving rules.

Mike: What does Jon G need from the group?

Jon: Need to test the tool.

Jon: Make sure the files being generated are compatible with current rules.

Jon: Priority code (very high, high, low). Jon added this field. Which rules fit into these categories?

Vio: Would high, medium and low be better?

Mike: Maybe use P1 - P5.

Team will go with P1 - P5.

Jon: Will copy all ARIA examples to tool. There will be an examples tab.

Jon: Having examples in the DB supports giving examples to the W3C.

Jon: Is it a good idea to keep examples in the tool?

Team: yes

Jon: System will support easily finding examples for particular ARIA roles and attributes.

Jon: Would like to get ideas on UI enhancements from the team.

Jon: Would like to know if his generate rules are compatible with existing rules.

Jon: Single quotes in code need to be escaped.

Team: Next item for the team is working on ARIA rules. Making the rules cross browser.

Team: Discussion of WebKit aria support.

Mike: Performance and browser neutral code is focus.

Group: Looking to cache things and use DOM vs. xpath in rules.

Jon: Could we have two versions of a function (one for xpath and one for DOM api).

Mike: There is an IE xpath extension that has the same API as the FF xpath api.

Jon: Is xpath faster?

Mike: Sometimes

Jon: Googled -> In 2006 xpath is slower than DOM api.

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