Accessibility Minutes 2010 07 14

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  • Mike Squillace (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • David Todd (IBM)
  • Ken Jacobi (IBM)
  • Nathan Jukubiak (Parasoft)
  • Shawn Lauriat (IBM)
  • Vio Onut (IBM)


Mike: need to address performance issues and documentation (commenting code)

Rich: Next steps?

Rich: Nathan indicated Parasoft was doing some cross-browser work

Mike: they haven't done any commits

Mike: needs to be browser neutral

Nathan: will be working on browser neutrality in the next month or so

Rich: made some performance improvements

Rich: all browsers but IE manage similarly

Mike: no built-in XPATH support in IE

Mike: need concensus on criteria for well written rules

David: are rules in a form that they can be run and performance measured?

Mike: in form for Firebug tool

Mike: can be run but need test harness

Rich: looking for valid ID: had 3 different rules and each traversed the DOM for one attribute value

Mike: each rule has "dependencies" but they were not used

Mike: need groundrules for writing rules: well commented, perform well, be browser neutral or well

documented why not, indicate in file structure to indicate which are browser specific

Mike: rule ID as range assigned to different entities

Mike: so no longer use camel-case structure used now

Mike will post table of rule ID/entity on wiki

Rich: need to do some 'divide & conquer' work now

Mike: agrees

Rich: XPATH issues

Mike: cache needed

Mike: rather than XPATH queries

Nathan: have found reasonably fast XPATH engine for IE

Nathan: first step is to fix Mozilla-specific rules so all will run in IE too. Target=a month.

Nathan: caching requires at least one DOM traversal

Mike: use XPATH as last resort

Rich: go thru items that need to be cached

....access keys


....ID refs

Mike: deletions are managed

Mike: XPATH manages proper nesting of headings

Rich: ARIA out for 2nd Last Call then CR

Rich: will go thru rules for ARIA

Rich: Update JSON aria validation so that up to date with last WAI-ARIA draft

Mike: will look at Webelo code to see what is cached

Rich: look at ARIA DOM structure and limit scope to focus change

Mike: just looks at subtree

Mike: other ARIA attributes (aria-busy) need to monitor DOM by monitoring for DOMAttrModified e.g. aria-

busy from true to false

Rich: may be different in future versions of browsers

Mike: need people to step up and take a rule or two to re-write then come to concensus on what a well-

written rule is like

Mike: Keep in mind: browser-neutrality, limited use of XPath, documentation/comments, performance

Rich: not seeing rules for focus events

Mike: assumption is rules are fired onload or specific onfocus

Mike: for invalidRole, event : "onfocus"

Mike: context, then event fires rule

Rich: syntax errors in some code

Mike: another criterion: code is syntactically correct

Mike: anything else should be looking at for rules?

Mike: criterion: do they conform to the rules format as specified on the wiki?

Shawn: need Coding standards

Shawn: include requirement to comment code

David: what about test cases?

Mike: that is a requirement

Mike: metadata for test is in test case itself

Mike: JonG has lot of work in that area

Mike: anyone by next meeting look at one rule (or two) and re-write or make suggestions?

Shawn: yes, but would like some mentoring first

David: are all rules a problem?

Mike: some are fine based on prior work

Mike: may need rule test harness

Shawn: will probably end up writing test harness and will check into repository

Rich: will bring ARIA up to date and syntax problems

Mike: Run Rhino:

Rich: shouldn't be any errors or warnings

Mike: Rhino is a java-based impl of JavaScript you can run from command line

Mike: load("<path to oaa-a11y.js/oaa-a11y.js")

Mike: quick way to check syntax

Mike: another option - HTMLUnit:

Mike: send to mail list if willing to comment/re-write. No need to commit code - send via email to list.

Mike: will get ID list up in next day or so and will help Shawn

Call ended 10am Central --AnnAbbott 17:26, 14 July 2010 (UTC)

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