Accessibility Minutes 2010 06 30

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  • Mike Squillace (IBM)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)



Rich: Charter review: /member/wiki/Accessibility_Charter

Rich: Who's writing the rules format document?

Mike: The biggest problem is that it needs to be transformed from wiki to HTML

Mike: Will talk to Jon F. about templates, formats, etc. for deliverables

Rich: Rules format and first rules drop in Oct

Jon: Following DYlan's comments about performance; should format include group of rules function returns result for gruop of rules

...already in Firerox A11y Extension

...these x rules can use same function

...example: rules for headings - duplicate text, uniqueness, properly nested

Mike: Problem is separating individual rules that might be leveraged by individual guidelines

Jon: Define what WCAG2 means both in terms of requirements nad recommendations

...rules format should be able to specify that

Mike: Another solution is to have engine cache collections associated with a context

Jon: in a dynamic environment, might be hard to determine when cache is stale

[09:24am] annabbott joined the chat room.

Mike: RESOLUTION: Rules format and first rules drop in Oct 2010

...simultaneously at Oct 31, 2010, as opposed to original Sept 2010 for rules format

Rich: Performance issues:

...alot of cycling through the attribute list repetitively

...alot of redudant code and little attempt to save/cache

...merge tests or make them distinct rules

Jon: Global rules that identify non-use of WAI-ARIA or using it improperly

... rules that identify invalid use of WAI-ARIA e.g. design patterns

Rich: The problem is multiple errors if we combine tests

Jon: return multiple validationResult objects, each containing a reason/error code corresponding to a msg/severity in the ruleset

Ann: NFB Nonvisual Accessibility Web Certification - Criteria for Nonvisual Accessibility Certification

Ann: Most common failure is links that ought to be button (i.e. role='button')

...will we be able to do checks like that?

Jon: may be a design pattern for that e.g. onclick with no href

Mike: Press release looks good. moving ahead

Jon: Regrets for next 3 weeks

Mike Squillace (scribe), posted by Ann Abbott

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