Accessibility Minutes 2010 03 10

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  • Mike Squillace (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • Dylan Barrell (Deque)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Nathan Jukubiak (Parasoft)
  • Vio Onut (IBM)


Per Jon Gunderson: Sandy Foltz is transitioning to a second career in nursing - CONGRATS, Sandy! Prasanna Baie will be joining this effort.

Mike: CSUN presentation is 3/26 at 8am

Mike: thanks to all for adding slides

Mike: ACTION ITEM: review slides and send suggestions to author.

Dylan: most are screen shots and will describe (also in speaker notes)

Ann: alt text can say "Complex image described in Speaker Notes."

Rich: I sometimes send presentation late and people have to come to presentation to see what you're speaking about.

Mike: Logistics - machine and thumb drive(s)

Jon: video format = mp4 (Flash), iPod video and mp3

Jon: think it is kbd accessible in IE

Mike: load thumb drive before or on Wed after arrival

Rich: who would like to attend working group meeting?

Mike: on Rich's machine?

Rich: yes

Jon: will send link to all files due to resolution

Mike: all in same deck - about 30 some slides

Jon: file is big - just have it local, not loaded into slide deck

Rich: will load thumb drive also

Mike: Vio has lots of slides and may exceed presentation time of 10 minutes

Dylan: has timed his to 10 mins

Rich: if can make compact, would be great. Will talk with Vio.

Rich: overage can be parked at back of presentation as backup

Mike: checking with Paul Luther, CSUN coordinator, IBM reception - all are invited

Mike: IBM reception Thurs evening

Vio: estimates 7 to 8 minutes - will not go over time

Dylan: changed copyright to 2010 and is uploading changes now

Mike: meet outside room @ 7:45am

Topic: Update to Rule Format

Mike: Reminder: meeting every other week. Next meeting is April 7 (skip March 24 due to CSUN)

Mike: text element context now supported

Mike: #text = all text nodes in document

Mike: for example: a[#text]

Mike: = all anchor nodes with text node children

Mike: XPATH-like

Mike: img[@alt]

Mike: exactly the same in xpath

Mike: context: img | a | input[@type=='text']

Mike: replace "bar" with "or" and "==" with "=" for xpath

Mike: function satisfiesContext(context, node)

Mike: anchor with an image child with an alt

Mike: that hsould count as a textual content

Mike: #text => text() in xpath

Dylan: may be able to come back with recommendations in a couple weeks

Mike: yes, please send to list

Nathan: started protyping and noticed FF-specific

Nathan: probably will have to split for IE/FF

Mike: key is to make sure rules are not browser-specific

Jon: main problem is tried using JQuery but is a performance hit

Jon: already finding bugs in some of rules - need way to track

Mike: may have to ask Jon if they have bug track system in OAA

Jon: Googlecode may be better

Dylan: just for bugs or code as well?

Jon: have Firebug extensioin in Googlecode

Dylan: already fixed some bugs

Dylan: at least two rules that need to be fixed

Mike: OAA is using SourceForge

Jon: SourceForge has tracking system

Mike: wants everything in same place, if possilbe

Rich: need to stay on SourceForge due to licensing

Mike: will look for tracking system there

Mike: one problem is have to constantly download, make sure updated and move to local

Jon: agrees with goal

Jon: work out browser independence first

Dylan: needs release mgmt also

Mike: Vio - what are your needs?

Vio: uses rules as is

Nathan: need test suite at some point

Mike: testing rules needs some rudimentary engine

Jon: test suite - building web framework and manage test suite - willing to share

Dylan: can share violating pages

Mike: will look into status of another group's effort

Dylan: will look into sharing some testing content

Call ended at 10:02am Central--AnnAbbott 20:17, 11 March 2010 (UTC)

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