Accessibility Minutes 2010 02 24

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  • Mike Squillace (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • David Todd (IBM)
  • Dylan Barrell (Deque)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Ken Jacobi (IBM)
  • Nathan Jukubiak (Parasoft)
  • Sandy Foltz (University of Illinois)
  • Vio Onut (IBM)


Dylan: Link to demonstrate the use of the Open Ajax Alliance's Accessibility Working Group's Rules and Rulesets from JavaScript. [1]

Discussion re: Dylan and Sandy's example code

Mike: CSUN discussion

Mike: Rich and Mike have put slides in

Jon: We are making a move, will finish

Jon: s/move/movie/

Vio: We will make a movie

Dylan: We are deciding about a movie or slides

Nathan: We are deciding on a movie or slides

Mike: I hope that we will have a thumb drive

Ann: I suggest two thumb drives

Ann: I would use the thumb drives for backup

Mike: Are the videos going to be in the same format

Vio: Is there a tool for the video

Jon: recommends Camtasia for movie making - captioning is relatively easy.

Jon: Creates Flash or iPod technology-compatible.

Vio: what kind of input?

Jon: screen capture and speech capture

Jon: easiest is 20 second clips and edit together

Jon: pretty simple to use/can use mouse (not very accessible)

Jon: will go thru interface and point out features

Dylan: all can be done with Camtasia?

Jon: Yes - separate vid clips of features, then edit together.

Jon: suggests writing out script first for content and time, then review for editing

Jon: transitions are available for separating sections

Jon: don't know if audio or video tracks can be edited out independently - would cause jump in appearance.

Jon: script (transcript) can also be used to create captions

Jon: 10 minute video clip took 4 hours to complete


Jon: Link to my video [2]

Jon: 30 day demo and may have Mac version.

Mike: Make sure you caption the video

Mike: I think the slides will be easier than a video

Ann: The slides must also be accessible

Mike: Slides are easier to make accessible than a video

Mike: Mine and Rich's are mostly text, except one diagram

Mike: Need to add a text description for diagrams and images

Nathan: they will be distributed at the conference

Mike: We will have many types of disabilities in the presentation

Mike: Anything else about CSUN?

Vio: I got approval for the conference

Vio: The hotel is booked

Mike: IBM is staying at another hotel

Topic: Update Rules Format

Mike: #Text is not supported

Mike: #Text is designed to get the text nodes in the document

Mike: #a[text] get the child text nodes

Sandy: I cannot get that to work and I reported the problem

Mike: You can do this a[#text] is the direct child node or descendant text node of the anchor

Mike: It has not been tested yet

Sandy: I tried using aria- and the "-" seems to trip it up

Mike: I will need to look that up, aria-* is not supported yet

Mike: namespace issues could also be a problem

David Todd: the text node of the header, say if you a paragraph, and you use ...

Mike: P[text] you would get all the paragraph nodes with text children

Jon: What is some of the children are children with ALT text?

Mike: That is a good question

Sandy: I have that working with out using #text at all

Jon: In form control labeling sometimes people use images for "required" or "invalid"

Mike: We do not have that feature yet

Mike: It is something we may want to consider

Mike: is there anything about #text that people have questions about?

Mike: ARIA definitions file has been updated to sync with the lastest ARIA spec

Mike: Apparently aria-required is a new property, like a row or column header

Mike: We are talking about the ARIA definitions file

Mike: Is aria-required a new property?

Rich: No

Rich: We limited its scope baseed on the HTML working group

Mike: I can also be a property on column header

Rich: I would need to go look

David Todd: I think column header and row header would be read only, is that tru?

Vio: Can they be filters

Mike: I guess I got it right

Sandy: There is a simple syntax error that I fixed and checked back in

Mike: We can check for the use of abstract roles, they should not be used

Rich: You got my comment about aria-busy

Mike: yes

Nathan: Need to step away for a sec briefly - will be right back

Rich: When aria-busy is set, you don't have a complete or fully formed content

Rich: Is aria-busy is set on anything other than a live region it may be a failure

Rich: We can say the DOM is now set and that LIST box is empty we could warn them, but develoeprs could turn off warnings

Ann: Do you ever loop back and do a check later

Nathan: ok I'm back

Mike: If it is always it should be a warning

Rich: If aria-busy is set and you detect a failure it should generate a warning

Dylan: Aria busy is set and never goes away, it may fail after a certain period of time, I am concerned about warnings

that mean nothing

Mike: Where would we tell people about this?

Mike: In the rules, on the wiki ....

Dylan: How does the ARIA definitions file do?

Mike: It is a JSON version of the ARIA spec and the use of the best practices, what are the required and optional

properties and states of the is role

Mike: It is a really nice way to look at the construction of the widget

Dylan: You need javascript code to interpret this?

Rich: Yes, this is nice, nice for testing design patterns

Mike: The question is where do we talk about aria-busy

Mike: All it is right now is a global attribute in the design pattern

Dylan: It seems like it belongs int he file that interprets this file

Mike: In the engine itself, it could go in a rule

Mike: The state of aria-busy can be used as a conditional for the execution of the rule

Dylan: You can right a rule that is only run when aria-busy is true

Mike: Youc an set a time out or a DOM modified event to go back and check the node

Mike: That would be a good rule to have

Dylan: Limited set of rules...

Mike: If some people want to make more rules it is open source

Mike: We have some XML rules that could be recoded the rules

Dylan: I think it goes in a rule, that is my vote

Mike: I like the rule idea, and also the engine idea too

Mike: We need information on how you handle aria-busy

Dylan: We seem that we need to register call backs for accessibility checking

Dylan: You need to sync the events that cause violations and what the violation is

Dylan: All the rules are currently are synchronous

Mike: They do not have to be

Dylan: I think I am arguing against the rule....

Vio: I think it makes sense for the engine to handle that

Mike: That is fine for the engine to handle it, but we sill need processing instructions, how to we convey that


Dylan: We have this event table, it seems to encoded in a form that can be interpreted

Dylan: Isn't this part of that table, when events occur you need to do these things

Dylan: Depending on the role you may not need to wait for this property, we should add the conditions of when you wait

for aria-busy to the table

Mike: When we get to the point we need to encode the event ....

Mike: Lets think about this

Mike: The last agenda item, I will miss the next meeting, can we meet every other week?

Jon: I cannot come next week either

Nathan: I like every other week

Vio: Every other week is fine with me

Sandy: +1

Mike: I would like to see more work on the wiki

Mike: We need to have the slides or video done by the next meeting

Rich: Where are we in the presentation?

Mike: You and I are complete, most other people are considering doing a video, JG will send a link to a demo and a


Mike: I am encourage people to do slides

Jon: I have a video - I am just going to update my current video

Mike: March 10th is the deadline of the materials

Dylan: We are working on it

Dylan: We are trying to decide if screenshots or video is best, i will be doing the presentations

Rich: Where are you?

Dylan: In Michigan

Rich: We are going to have a PF meeting at CSUN Monday and tuesday of CSUN, and IBM will be hosting the room, and if any of you are interested in sitting in let me know I will check with JS

Vio: I am interested, I don't know if I will be there those days

Vio: I have approval for CSUN

Rich: Are you going to buy us all dinner?

<laughter all around>

Rich: I will send a note to Pretty

<laughter again>

Mike: Our next meeting will be on the 10th

Call ended at 10:03am Central/scribe = Jon Gunderson and Ann Abbott--AnnAbbott 21:34, 24 February 2010 (UTC)

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