Accessibility Minutes 2010 02 03

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  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • David Todd (IBM)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Vio Onut (IBM)
  • Nathan Jukubiak (Parasoft)
  • Sandy Foltz (University of Illinois)
  • Ken Jacobi (IBM)


Rich: Link to today's agenda [1]

Nathan: submitted spreadsheet of events that trigger specific tests for his action items.

Nathan: we went for completelness

Nathan: technical issues to work out

Nathan: Link to JavaScript tutorial - DOM events[2]

Nathan: on that page, search for dom node inserted

Rich: add/remove node and not all attributes present

Rich: need to manual test for node insertions?

Jon: in Firebug, there's a refresh button that will look at all new nodes

Jon: can retest dom at any point

Jon: could timestamp it or monitor general insertions/deletions and invalidate previous

Jon: or "this report may be out of date" to notify tester to refresh to get latest info

Rich: do we need this for other than developer?

Jon: this is a bot that monitors?

Rich: maybe, yes

Jon: bot could compile

Jon: could trigger periodically

Rich: do we need to break table out based on types of tests running

Jon: scripting language that is interacting may tell tool to run test

Rich: then get log?

Rich: next need research to remove event notifications

Nathan: Another approach, rather than watching say the load event, is to simply take a snapshot or a validation pass.

Nathan: Define points

Rich: during FVT, tester identifies what to run

Rich: in the test, track all events that get fired?

Sandy: thought we were talking about on-demand tests

Rich: for reporting, need snapshot?

Rich: tester: running test 4-6 on wiki - do we take snapshot?

Jon: could track UI on capture phase on body and any event could be recorded

Jon: and some info about it

Jon: would be possible to collect info about it and report to tester

Sandy: not sure how much useful info would be captured and reported

Rich: FVT tester click on button, report name of button and report failure or delay after it occurs to report problem

Nathan: thinking something similar if you can tell what user did

Nathan: capture what actually happened so it can be reproduced

Rich: maybe capture what user did and take snapshot

Sandy: have to log along way?

Rich: subtree mod may be useful

Nathan: do you need to test right when modified - snapshot still tests same thing?

RIch: group wants to trigger on user event to tie to FVT report

RIch: could be automated based on user input

Rich: snapshot makes more sense for live events?

Rich: trigger on device input events?

Sandy: will we loose anything?

Rich: depends on when snapshot taken - how often do alt attributes change?

Rich: create menu in DHTML, takes menu that already exists in DOM - are we thinking focus change events?

Jon: do focus events propagate?

Jon: focus events can be canceled so don't bubble up

Jon: would need listener

Jon: potential propagation issue

Jon: IE has no capture phase, only has bubble and that can be canceled

Rich: Link to W3C User Interface event types [3]

Jon: doesn't talk about capture

Jon: IE doesn't support W3C dom

Rich: Focus change and user events tracked

Sandy: snapshot at any point or focus event

Jon: dom node deletions would bog system down

Jon: Live regions don't update UI controls, just data

Rich: could have chat log

Jon: chat logs don't have interactivity - are static

Jon: but may have live regions

Jon: may have optional parameter to toggle on/off

Jon: what would be event handler for live regions?

Rich: will want marked as live region

Jon: figure out how to mark what should be live region that are not marked correctly

Rich: periodic pattern that doesn't respond to user actions

Rich: or could make manual test

Rich: AT not announcing, did you make it a live region

Rich: can limit live region test to manual test

Jon: could set for time and monitor for, say 1 min, and watch for unmarked up live region

Jon: as long as no user input is detected

Jon: special test mode due to performance hit

Rich: test only operates on focus or children of focus event

Jon: makes sense for interactive mode

Jon: new name for Accessibility plugin. "Firebug Accessibility Inspector" and moving to Google code

Nathan: running on load and then on focus

Nathan: how would work if user is clicking thru application

Rich: focus changes and activation events to limit scope?

Nathan: sounds like it might work, but have to try and see what happens

ACTION ITEM for folks doing implementation: see if we can limit testing to objects with focus and decendents or elements actived by click and decendents

Rich: started presentations for CSUN? Any issues to discuss?

Jon: editing video

call ended at 10am--AnnAbbott 23:33, 3 February 2010 (UTC)

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