Accessibility Minutes 2009 11 11

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  • Nathan Jacobiak (ParaSoft)
  • Michael Squillace (IBM - chair)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • David Todd (IBM)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - co-chair)
  • Sandy Foltz (University of Illinois)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)


Mike: Problem of participation

Rich: Mike and Sandy doing most of coding. Lot for 2 people. Important to work with ruleset to get comfortable with framework

Rich: Helps when lots of people working to find issues

Mike: Talking about an hour or two a week

Nathan: Can probably commit some resources

Mike: Trying to get Vio to be more participitory with the rules

Mike: People chipping in with wiki would help too. Adding more rules would help

Rich: Will see if can help with that

Mike: Don't want people taking advantage without giving back

Mike: Moving on to rules and rulesets

Mike: Talking to Sandy and others. Let vendors choose their own rule ids

Mike: Vendors will likely have id systems already

Sandy: Testing for uniqueness? What about versioning?

Mike: There is a uniqueness check

Sandy: Any way of tracking rule at given point in time?

Mike: Does that mean that ruleset version would need to change too, say if an individual rule changes?

Jon: It would look like every rule changed instead of just one

Jon: Better to do versioning by rule

Jon: Rel. between ARIA and HTML 5 will probably require lots tweaking

Rich: Also need vehicle for deprecation?

Jon: Probably will have some rules become obsolete

Jon: Deprecation system could be gradual

Mike: Honor system where rule updater must update rule version?

Jon: Have SVN, could look at rule like Trak, may want some kind of tracking system about what changed in each rule

Jon: Hopefully there would be group consensus before changing a rule

Mike: I was thinking about versioning rule logic. Need to also version rule metadata?

Jon: Keep it simple for now. Rule has one version - whatever changes in that rule documented and affects that one version

Jon: Need consensus process

Mike: Can use SVN commit comments

Mike: Can discuss when versioning will start next week

Nathan: Should have default ids, so can talk about easily, and users can correlate between tools and ruleset

Nathan: Vendors can override if they wish. We would probably use the default ids and append something of our own for categorization

Mike: Agreed

Mike: Talking about specifying rule constants

Mike: Suggestions by Vio putting the constants in the rule. Example in the weekly agenda

Mike: Good because ids in the rule, don't have to look elsewhere

Nathan: These only defined inline in the rule?

Mike: Yes. Constants usually only apply to one rule

Sandy: Need to be careful for language-specific constants

validateParams:__forebidden_words__:{value:['picture','graphic','photo'...], type:"array"}

Mike: Vio suggested putting validateParams in each rule

validateParams:__forebidden_words__:{value:['picture','graphic','photo'...], type:"array"}function(ruleCOntext, vparams) {

function(ruleCOntext, vParams) {

vparams = vparams || this["validateParams"];

Mike: This would allow vendor to override params

<We had long discussion about whether params should be defined in rule or not. Everyone liked except Nathan - when users customize the rules are not necessarily written. Decided to leave as is for now, bring up again if needed>

!(img) | input

Mike: Now talking about exclusivity of rule contexts

Mike: exclusivity contexts must be used separately for now

Sandy: Can pick up all ARIA attributes?

Mike: Not now, but need that

  • [@aria-*]

Sandy: That's what's needed

  • [@role=='aria-*']
  • [@role]
  • [@aria-level]

<Discussing ways of choosing groups of elements>


Mike: Trying to get all headers - This example was really slow because of *

Sandy: Haven't had much problem with something like this - using xpath

Sandy: Firebug extension has tabs that bring up landmarks

Mike: All on contexts

Mike: requirements subgroups in ruleset definitions (also from Vio)

requirements array. Don't have to write every attribute for every rule that you want to write in the rule group

allows attributes that are shared by multiple rules to only be written once

Mike: separated the urls too

Mike: baseReqUrl and rulesetUrl

Mike: Non-developer can write these rulesets

Mike: Will do reporting best practices first next week

Mike: Will send out todo list so people can jump in and help
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